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Mall Wagon?

During a conversation earlier this evening, and in the 'spirit' of Ebenezer Scrooge's enterprising nature, I hit upon the idea of a "mall cart" {not that I frequent the 'mall' at all, finding it a venue for the B.U.G.S.}, yet it occurred to Me that this would promote shoppers to spend more money, as well as collect extra funds from their rental - I estimate depending upon the size of the wagon, between $1 - $5 per visit. I have done some research on this idea, and it appears that there is a minimal effort being done with relatively small carts, but My idea is more of a wagon, not exactly a "shopping cart", perhaps some arranged to accomodate a child seat for parents. And depending upon the size of the herd's shopping frenzy centers, condensed motorized buggies to travel easily from one end to the other. After all, "Why Walk?" *{SS P.76}


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