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Thunder Warrior

THUNDER {Thunder Warrior}
XVI A.S. Directed by Fabrizio De Angelis {Larry Ludman}. Written by Fabrizio De Angelis, Dardano Sacchetti. Starring Mark Gregory {Thunder}, Valeria Ross {Sheila}, Bo Svenson {Sheriff Bill Cook}, Raimund Harmstorf {Deputy Barry Henson}. Genre: Action-Adventure.

"Satan represents vengeance, instead of turning the other cheek!" - TSB.

Returning to his ancestral home to join his betrothed, a young brave named Thunder naturally takes issue with the graveyard of his ancestors being disrespected and defiled by a construction company. Repugnantly, the brutes harmed the elder of the tribe who beseached them to stop. Determined to end this disgusting irreverence, he faces a couple of the workers, concluding in a brutal confrontation, there and later in the outskirts of town.

He sets out to discuss the sacrilege with the local Police Department and the bank who funds the construction, but to no avail. He even carried the deed legally protecting the land for their traditions. For his efforts, he then becomes harassed by a corrupt department bent on banishing him from town. But they had no idea who they were dealing with. No less than the son of a mighty Navajo warrior; under-estimation is their downfall. Unintimidated, he returns; but after being subjected to a beating, finally defends himself, and seeing no other alternative, seeks vengeance to protect the sacred history of his tribe. Seeking solace in the protection of nature, search parties infiltrate the reservation territory, and literally armed with a bow & arrows, thwarts every attempt at capture.

"If I have to unbury the war hatchet, you'll all end up like Custer."

A reporter on vacation wanders upon the events, and finding no cooperation with the sheriff, finds the Elder instead, who informs him on the heroic actions of Thunder, as well as the despicable actions of the unscrupulous town officials. Thus finding an enormous scoop and noble story, he supports Thunder through all media at his disposal, including the cooperation of a local popular radio DJ, who dispenses the news on his widely syndicated broadcast, enraging a recuperating Deputy Henson, who had received no less than three arrows to the torso, who then makes a deal with some desert-wandering, machine gun and bazooka wielding cretins*, but which through injun-uity and resourcefulness, Thunder uses to his own advantage. Then he begins resembling a veritable "Indian Rambo", as it were, strategically destroying and disabling key sections in the opponents' installations.

Thus empowered, his vengeance really comes into play when Thunder takes a tractor, effectively going to town on the police department and bank who treated him so dishonorably. Thus, with justice done, Thunder manages to escape along with Shiela back into the recesses of his land with help from an unexpected source.

This is the first in the trilogy. Filmed at various locations in Arizona, & made by an Italian company, the dialogue is dubbed to English, and flows well. ∞

* Who also abused and attempted to take liberties with his beloved Shiela; but was rescued before being raped; and who then anointed Thunder with warpaint.

Tags: blackthorne theater, fangsgiving, film, indian, movie, spechtreum

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