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Prime Evil

Prime Evil
XXII A.S. Genre: Horror, Occult. Directed by Roberta Findlay. Written by Ed Kelleher, Harriette Vidal. Starring William Beckwith {Thomas Seaton}, Christine Moore, {Alexandra Parkman}, Mavis Harris {Sister Angela}, Max Jacobs {George Parkman}, Tim Gail {Bill King}, George Krause {Ben}, Ruth Collins {Cathy}, Amy Brentano {Brett}, Jeanne Marie {Judy}, Gary Warner {Detective Dann Carr}, Iraida Cruz {Mrs. Quinto}, Roseanna Peterson {Alison Deveraux}, Cameron Kell {Frances Parkman}, Nicole Sislian {Tina}, Phil Murphy {Bishop McCabe}.

A group of diabolical cultists have been operating underneath the nose of the Catholic Church for centuries, even within the bowels of a cathedral. To those so inclined, a pact with The Devil is made every thirteen years to ensure immortality, at the cost of a relative offered as a sacrifice*. Of note, the first 'offering' is very lovely, and is an utter waste. Such a beauty should be enjoyed, not destroyed.

The presiding 'black priest' Thomas Seaton has set his evil eye on the alluring Alexandra, who happens to be engaged to be married. Due to his persistent meddling, her preppie fiance meets a sudden fate, while her drunken mother perishes through excessive compulsion.

Seaton uses both Lesser Magic charm & Greater Magic to manipulate his quarries, as well as employing a brutish henchman who retrieves the necessary flesh for the proceedings, including an obnoxious aerobics-obsessed friend, and a drug-addled prostitute, laying waste to any obstacles who may interfere.

A nun comes calling at The Devil's doorstep, expressing her misgivings with the catholic doctrine and desiring to be numbered amongst the children of darkness - Power instead of weakness, pleasure instead of deprivation. But she must undergo a test of blasphemy first, to affirm her sin-cerity. During her infernal confirmation, she shatters a crucifix with Satan's hammer, but ends up being a lowly traitorous liar, and is dealt with accordingly.

Two unlikely detectives go snooping through the secret chambers of the cathedral, and are themselves rewarded with wrath.

The ritual chapel features a large rendition of Eliphas Levi's Sabbatic Baphomet, with an altar flanked by two black pillars, reminiscent of a Masonic configuration. During a Black Mass ceremony, a demonic creature is in attendance, somewhat resembling a red Pazuzu.

The congregants gleefully indulge in one another, while liturgy consists of latin enunciation, of course reminiscent of Le Messe Noir {The Satanic Rituals; ASLV}. Unfortunately, the nun infiltrates the cult, interrupting the rite in what amounts to a dishonorable blindsiding & is justifiably cursed by Seaton. The concluding scene is redolent of The Devil's Rain. She would of course perish in the fire, while Seaton emerges anew to continue The Devil's work.

Overall, Prime Evil contains voluptuous nudity, interesting ideas, and pleasing aesthetics. I found it to be thoroughly amusing viewing. ∞

* Of course, from time to time these productions tend to resemble actual Satanic rites in some respects, being influenced by The Satanic Bible & Satanic Rituals, sometimes verbatim, with the exception of references to literal sacrifice, which is purely symbolic.

Sabbatical Goat Baphomet Pentagram

Also of note regarding the rituals performed here, the use of flash paper is displayed, Seaton's medallion features the ram-horned Baphomet variation, the fine robes, & the chamber configuration is cause for consideration.

Tags: blackthorne theater, film, horror, movie, occult, review, spechtreum, thriller, united satanic america

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