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Solstice Shopping

Product reviews: Over the past couple of weeks, some items have been added to the Lair, for apart from very few worthy exceptions, it indeed is better to receive than to give!

The Grinch

Even though we as Satanists do not necessarily partake in the xmas traditions of the herd, there are certain elements that may be taken advantage of for the cultural aspect of the holy-day, which nowadays, is much less so. Ever since a Dracling, I have enjoyed the classic Seussian story of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, recognizing this character as a tool for the whos to reveal their hypocritical propensities; and thus, in his "evil" role, serves to teach a valuable lesson; for it can be said, that "evil" often serves as a catylist for positive change. In any case, The Blackthorne household has come into possession of this meanly jovial fellow, a 60" Grinch who dances and sings his theme song, as a difference to all the tacky depictions of mangy scenes and Santa Claus gaudiness. It was also a delight to discover that he has posable fingers, so inevitably, the Cornu was shaped thereon, as a statement to his contribution to children's literature and the said catylistic attributes. It was also discovered that an I-Pod can be connected to him, so that he may "sing" one's favorite tunes, which in a most comical vein, is currently largely comprised of South Park yuletide melodies, and we know how hilarious those can be. He gazes out the window and begins his repertoire whenever someone draws near. And it also alludes to artifical human companions as well. I forsee many more characters assuming this form for other holidays in the future, including Halloween - so perhaps next year we may see The Devil, or vampires and witches dancing to one's delightfully diabolic tunes.

Hamilton Beach Brew Station

A black tower which brews the Belialian elixer to warm the sweet winter season, is aesthetically pleasing, thus complimenting the environment.

Litter Maid

A wonderfully convenient and efficient device which quite literally scoops the cat box for you - and all one has to do is dispose of the leavings in a clean and compact manner. The gremlins became fascinated with the cleaning process, as the bar eased across the litter, and they took to it quickly - especially Nero the black kitten, who when first installed, decided to lay in it a bit and enjoy the softness. And now that the novelty has somewhat rescinded, it remains a practical and convenient asset for one's feline denizens.

An American Werewolf In London

...And arriving much more recently via Noctuary Post, a "legends" series print shirt courtesy of Mr. John Padilla, OBD member and Wolfman, depicting the werewolf from the film "An American Werewolf In London", and it certainly is appreciated. While I do not wear t-shirts for outings, it shall assuredly be put to good use in the privacy of The Lair. HS!

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

Ah yes, also arriving in the post was this gem of a movie which will be reviewed soon. Quite enjoyable, and filled with special features and interactive entertainment.

Satan Claws delivers

* Update XII/XXVI\XXXIX A.S.: So, as was mentioned elsewhere, the only value I see in this whole x-mess pre-occupation is in the gift factor. Although it would be appropriate to dispense with these items on Our holiday, The Winter Solstice. I received several items of value and appreciation, including a very nice black suede long-sleeved shirt, so soft to the touch, it feels like silk; and a couple of DVD's - Nosferatu and The House on Haunted Hill - and like most of these cases, I already had it on VHS, but upgrading to DVD is certainly a welcomed pleasure. In My "stocking" {I used My knee-high tabi boot for this}, several delightful tidbits such as candy {especially chocolate}, altoids {with a devil girl on the tin}, and a mini-radio in the shape of an operable pen.


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