Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Last Man On Earth

The Last Man On Earth
Directed by Ubaldo Ragona. Written by William F. Leicester (screenplay), Richard Matheson. Starring Vincent Price {Dr. Robert Morgan}, Franca Bettoia {Ruth Collins}, Emma Danieli {Virginia Morgan}, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart {Ben Cortman}, Umberto Raho {Dr. Mercer, as Umberto Rau), Christi Courtland {Kathy Morgan}. Genre: Horror.

Dr. Robert Morgan just wants to be left alone, a scientist trying to find a cure for an air-born pathogen that transforms living people into zombie vampires, who is now just trying to survive. Existing in a monotonous situation, he gets up at dawn, prepares his implements, and heads off in his black hearse-like station wagon for the burning pit where he disposes of zombie bodies littering the city in the daylight.

The mysterious atmospheric plague has traveled across the world finally reaching this city, where his wife Virginia and daughter become effected. However, he is strangely immune, through a most interestingly fortuitous set of circumstances.

He is seemingly all alone in the world, except for these ghouls pounding at his walls after sundown, until he one day-spots another day-dwelling creature, a black dog, eventually leading him to meet a woman in the midst of this post-apocalyptic world of nightmares. Reminds this writer of the song "If You Were The Only Girl".*

Apparently, another opportunity to re-populate the earth with living creatures; but she is not what she seems, thus unleashing another threat to his safety with these other creatures, veritable zombie slayers themselves existing between the living and the dead.

This presentation has a very The Twilight Zone feel to it, reminiscent of "Time Enough at Last". Most of the introduction is Robert thinking to himself, eventually merging into communication with Ruth. Still, bestowed the knowledge of new creation thanks to his ingenious & exhaustive study & experimentation, a new world may be formed, with his legacy becoming legendary.

No Pollyanna "happy ending" here, either, but perhaps a more realistic conclusion of what may occur in such a hypothetical apocalyptic scenario. ∞

* Listen to Magus LaVey's version here: {Satan Takes a Holiday}.

Tags: blackthorne theater, horror, spechtreum, thriller

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