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The Witches' Mountain

The Witches' Mountain
VII A.S. Made in Spain. Written & Directed by Raúl Artigot. Starring Patty Shepard {Delia}, Cihangir Gaffari {Mario, as John Gaffari), Mónica Randall {Carla}, Guillermo Bredeston, Soledad Silveyra. Genre: Horror.

An odd little movie about a couple traveling across the Spanish countryside. He, a photographer with a thick, handlebar mustache and deeply cleft chin; she, a pretty, wealthy, young lady with long black hair and beautiful exotic eyes.

On the way, they stay at an inn with a strange keeper resembling a cross between Igor from Young Frankenstein and Riffraff from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, buggy wandering eyes and all, who also happens to be hard of hearing. While taking in the sights, their car is mysteriously stolen and taken a relatively short distance, which they fortunately retrieve.

Further down the road, they meet up with an old lady living in a charming house who takes them in for the night. In order to take advantage of the scenic environment, he ventures out into the wilderness where he becomes lost in the night fog, where he witnesses a group of black-clad women in the woods. He actually managed to capture their images onto film, displaying some odd anomalies, which he develops with his portable 'dark room'. He discovers the coven house, complete with various ingredients, relics, a black cat {of course}, and... her photo. They soon discover these are actually a coven of witches who take a shine to his companion, desiring to have her wed.

During certain manifestations, a haunting, echoing aria pervades, like a musical spell, until they finally confront the coven, at which point the aria includes tribal drumming, complete with a bale fire and undulating celebrants.

In an effort to escape, she plunges to her death down into a mountain gorge, but again reappears as part of the coven, while shackles await him. They were the whole time wrapped up in their influence, being led to their destination and fate by The Witches' desires.

With a distinctive European flavor, the film begins at a rather slow pace, & ends abruptly. There are many wide scenic shots of the forest area and nearby lake, through which a perpetual spectral wind blows, creating an eerie atmosphere throughout. ∞

Tags: blackthorne theater, film, horror, spechtreum, witches

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