DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

"The Hostess with the mostest"

I recall when Wonder Bread threatened to leave the area, where it would no longer be available, yet I suppose it was determined that since the demand was so great, they should continue shipping in Wonder Bread from wherever they relocated, and so it continued without halt. Now this. This will result in either a co-op, or a renaming of the company with the continued production and distribution of these confections, perhaps with a modified label and packaging, but be close enough for acceptable mass consumption, with that evocative presentation it is renowned for.

"Twinkies", and the like, especially fried as faire food, would probably be missed too much. Of all these particular baked goods, My personal favorites are the fruit pies; apple, to be more specific, gently heated until the innards are turned into a lava-like consistency. If these types of treats are desired, there are other companies which make such likened foods. Although ultimately, nothing quite compares to home-made.

Overall, this is a temporary issue. Hostess will return in some other similar state.

For those mourning the alleged impending loss of the Hostess company, allow Me to introduce you to Little Debbie. ∞

* Update 7/15/13: Predictably, 'Twinkies' have returned, just a bit smaller with less calories, and increased preservatives, considering that former concoctions last 28 days, while these supposedly last 72 days. The other confections are also back, if so inclined. If choosing from this bunch, I prefer the fruit pies. ∞

Tags: dracling, evocation, food

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