DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Night of The Zombies...

The legalization of the recreational use of cannabis in Washington & Colorado will prove to be an interesting social experiment. I maintain that this should be the case, letting stratification take its course, so long as I Am not subjected to the type. Where the untermensch & Übermensch need not cross paths.

It will be regulated like alcohol, so those migrating hippies will pay the price if they step out of line. It will at the very least alleviate much of the national debt, as would the legalization of prostitution, and of course, the taxation of churches. It seems that with the difficult economy as of late, outmoded mores take a hindseat to necessity and common sense. ∞

* The Devil's Scroll; Night of The Zombies.
* Church of Satan Policy on Drug Abuse.

Tags: social commentary, social observation, society, sociology

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