Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Satan's Slave

Satan's Slave {Evil Heritage}

X A.S. Directed by Norman J. Warren, Written by David McGillivray. Starring Michael Gough {Uncle Alexander Yorke}, Martin Potter {Stephen Yorke}, Candace Glendenning {Catherine Yorke}, Barbara Kellerman {Frances}, Michael Craze {John}, Gloria Maley {Janice; as Gloria Walker), James Bree {Malcolm Yorke}, Celia Hewitt {Elizabeth Yorke}, David McGillivray {Priest}. Genre: Horror / Thriller

A girl named Catherine is bred by relatives to be possessed by the 'spirit' of a directly related witch burned at the stake centuries earlier, in order to capture her power, by a Necromantic cult residing in a mansion set in the wilderness. A conspiracy unfolds to await her 20th birthday for the ritual to take place. It also just so happens that "Stephen" is a lady killer. Beware of robed figures in the woods...

Notable scenes include the all-too probable* mental manipulation of an individual beginning in an elevator, wherein the Sorcerer calls upon several Infernal Names straight out of The Satanic Bible, at an altar featuring a large inverted cross, to commit 'suicide' by jumping off a building; the beginning animation features a transmutating skull resembling "Facebones" from Metalokalypse. Some scenes include enjoyable nudity with nubile bodies. Also memorable is the Baphomet mask worn by Alexander while gesticulating the Cornu.

No 'happy ending' here. With the use of imposed hallucinations and clever deceptions, the cult actually succeeds in its endeavor.

It is easy to see through films such as this where some of the satanic panic claims have derived, while the Satanist can view these as entertainment fare, sometimes with inspirational theatrics for use in psychodrama. ∞

* As a matter of fact, this has been done.

Tags: blackthorne theater, film, horror, movie, occult, review, satanic panic, spechtreum, thriller, video

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