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Mockingbird Lane

Mockingbird Lane [NBC]

Mockingbird LaneMockingbird LaneHaving been a Munsters fantom since time immemoriam {which is only eclipsed by a hair's breadth by The Addams Family}, I decided to inspect this latest media offering presented as a Halloween special. Immediately, I was pleased by the elegant environment displayed {apparently, this version takes place in San Francisco, evidenced by the Golden Gate Bridge in the background of the mansion}, although the characters are lacking in said character with the exception of Grandpa {here portrayed by comic Eddie Izzard}, as a truly evil blood-thirsty patriarch; being Count Dracula, & a product of "The Old Country", after all - while the rest of the characters are lackluster, though Marilyn fits the bill perfectly.

This production seems an attempt to "normalize" the family, perhaps to make it somewhat more "believable". Though the point of the series is that these are a clan of monsters who happen to act like most everyone else.

Visually, where the true punchline is, it's almost like The Munsters are being portrayed somewhat more like The Addams Family; Herman isn't even tall, and does not resemble Frankenstein whatsoever, is sans the distinctive "dimple" {scar}, as Lily refers to it, on his forehead; and looks more like a normal, everyday guy* with some severe seutchers, including a zip-up heart cicatrice. Lily is portrayed as a gorgeous woman, but more like an Aphroditic succubus rather than a Gothic succubus at all; although I did appreciate the scene wherein she assumes her dress via the industrious spiders.

While containing some angular features, the actor portraying Eddie {in a boyscout uniform** instead of his suit} is not even wolf-like or vampire-like at all, but happens to transform into a werewolf uncontrollably, as he is coming to terms with his lycanthropic nature. Yet to take his place underneath the stairs, Spot only makes a brief appearance at the end.

Only Grandpa knows best here, and is actually kind of Satanic at times, both in dress and philosophically, in the sense that he regularly reminds others in the family of their predatorial roots and nature, and not to deny who they really are. Along with his innate powers to hypnotize, transform, & dematerialize, he also employs psychological persuasion {Lesser Magic} upon his victims. As to his splendid accoutrement, he reminds this writer of Gary Oldman's portrayals of the Count from Bram Stoker's Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola, specifically at the castle {the ornate red robe is reminiscent}, as well as his transformation into an impressive bat demon greatly resembling that in Coppola's version. This character is worthy of 'resurrection'.

Moderately amusing though it is, for what it is, there is no need to worry or complain about this presentation, as it does not compare to the superior original series whatsoever, it certainly does not replace it in any way {same goes for any and all other 'remakes' for that matter}, as tends to be the case, just merely continue enjoying the original series without interruption. ∞

* Shades of "Just Another Pretty Face".
** Reminds Me of Pugsley Addams' phase from "Morticia and the Psychiatrist".

Tags: addams, addams family, dractober, film, halloween, munsters, review, spechtreum

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