Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


Hollywood Forever Memorial Park
Hollywood, CA

We decided to visit Hollywood Forever Memorial Park on this foggy morning. The resting place of many of those entertainers portraying archetypal characters throughout history, in a myriad of genres. A perusal herein will reveal that even in death, the show goes on...

With Paramount Pictures studios just 'round the corner, the marquee just outside the walls advertise for the forthcoming Day of The Dead celebration, which is quite a spectacle to behold, which is comprised of a parade of painted skeletons and ghouls, music, Aztec dancers, torches, incense burning, granting a primeval atmosphere overall. The resident Masonic Temple frequently acts like an auditorium, hosting everything from film viewings, rock bands, orchestras, performance artists, opera, art galleries, to vendors offering crafts as a token in the participation of this memento-mori experience. Most notable was Rosemary's Baby projected onto the mausoleum wall for movie night, which sometimes offers an all-night horror marathon. Considering their occupations, I somehow I do not think the permanent residents mind the multimedia displays at all.

The Masonic hall itself is an elegant structure inside and out, featuring a suspended "Eastern Star" within {'Lucifer's Pentagram', in My estimation, appropriately emitting a kaleidoscopic resonance}, with projections of light and sound upon the screen.

Spotted was the Hollywood Forever Cadillac hearse parked near the front, as if to state to the mortal observer, "Will this be your last ride?".

The grounds draw the eye towards the beautiful lake with sprouting fountains, occupied by swans, the occasional duck, and... Melek Taus! Throughout the grounds, one spots peacocks strutting about, and even a couple of cats. One little black & white fellow met Me at the Buddhist section {among the entrance of two guardian foo dog gargoyles, temple shrine, ornate spires, Buddha sits placidly amidst a stream and pond}, while a striped orange maincoon dwelled in the grass by the entrance; as a matter or fact, cats actually have their own corridor at Hollywood Forever cemetery, including black feeding bowls and water. There are even stone picnic tables and black iron swings here and there for an even more pleasant experience.

In the lawn between the mausoleum and the lake, is a veritable "Gravehenge" - five festooned monoliths positioned at the corners in a very familiar configuration, while at the end of a long "reflecting pool" flanked by spiral bushes, is the landmark Romanesque crypt of one Douglas Fairbanks, attended by another swan in repose. Gives the impression of a pool leading to a dioramic mansion.

Notable names to consider: To accompany the Vampira Exhibit at Wonderland Art Gallery, is Maila 'Vampira' Nurmi {take left at the information booth, then a right at the Griffith Gardens section, near Darren "Kolchak/The Night Stalker" McGavin; the ever-lovely Jayne Mansfield {cenotaph by the lake}; a statue of Johnny Ramone {cenotaph} displayed in his vital essence, complete with his sunglasses attached to the guitar; Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny & various 'Loony Toons' characters, whose stone reads "That's All, Folks!"; Don Adams, whose most familiar characterization of Maxwell Smart holding shoe phone is engraved {Warning: this message will self-destruct in ten seconds!; & Cecile B. DeMille & family.

Finally, on the way around the Mausoleum, a series of small graves can be seen, some with balloons, toys, and in an ironic juxtaposition, a sign for a child care center just over the wall, from which the sounds of play can be heard.

Overall, Hollywood Forever is a splendid place to enjoy the theatre, the opera, a concert, observe nature, & even picnic with a loved one, surrounded in a placid, beautiful environment rich in showbiz history. ∞

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