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Devil's Gate


Devils Gate

Pasadena, CA | Arroyo Seco

Devils Gate Creek
LEGEND: 1. There is a rock formation underneath the Colorado St. "suicide bridge" in Pasadena which resembles a demonic profile. 2. Occult rituals are performed here & is a portal to Hell. 3. Since the ritual, several people have gone missing in the vicinity, never to be found again. 4. The "suicide bridge" saw an exponential rise in deaths since the ritual was performed.

1. TRUE. There is in fact a rock formation located at the appropriately named "Devil's Gate" dam in Pasadena which resembles the profile of The Devil, with clearly discernible horns, nose, eyes, & chin. A black wrought-iron gate remains closed before a dark tunnel. The wilderness area surrounding this natural anomele remains cloaked in mystery, & there certainly is an energy present, radiating an eerie atmosphere.
Devils Gate Profile
2. TRUE. One of the founders of JPL no doubt used the spot for localized rituals, considering it a natural vortex primarily because of the diabolical landscape. Devil's Gate was also used for rocket testing purposes, and if you peruse the area thoroughly enough, several interesting objects and structures are present, such as a makeshift obstacle course, strange pillars, and an obfuscated cabin-like edifice buried in foliage.

His most infamous ritual took place at Area 51, & has been documented that a Babalon Working [sic] did in fact take place with the purpose of creating a so-called "moon child", which included one John Whiteside Parsons {who is indeed the founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, being a rocket scientist by trade, and serious occultist.

As a matter of fact, JPL is located within eyesight of Devil's Gate dam - apparently, he needed to stay close to his endeavors}; Acting as priest and his consort, accompanied by a redhead nicknamed "the scarlet lady" with which the conception was to take place, the ritual was enacted. Other attendants claimed to have seen "something shadowy" pass through the portal created. This "moon child" was to be an 'antichrist' figure said to usher in a new age of occult enlightenment.

3. TRUE. Several unexplained disappearances have been reported, including Tommy Bowman, a boy hiking disappeared after rounding a corner, who after an exhaustive search by mounted patrols, helicopters, bloodhounds and professional trackers, turned up nothing. Bruce Kremen, a YMCA camper was next to disappear. who after resting from a hike with the group, vanished in an instant.

In another earlier report, up at the Azusa portion of The Arroyo Seco, Donald Lee Baker & Brenda Howell, two children were murdered by a freeway worker & serial killer named Mack Ray Edwards, and buried underneath concrete. The case went unsolved for 13 years until the confession. Sentenced to the gas chamber, the killer instead opted to hang himself in his jail cell.
Suicide Bridge
4. TRUE. The hauntingly beautiful Colorado Street bridge is infamous for a continuing series of suicides since its birth in 1913, but it was after this rite that numbers multiplied dramatically, as if the area was somehow more so drawing those so inclined, and perhaps not so much so, towards their doom. It has been postulated that these, along with the disappearances, may be "sacrifices" to feed the dark forces released on the day of the ritual.

It is said that the very archways of this veritable "Hell Bridge", particularly that framing Devil's Gate, may serve as an entryway for nefarious energies.

The repercussions are also said to extend beyond to The "Haunted/Enchanted Forest", which has also been the site of various paranormal activity as well, including shadowy forms in the trees, the sensation of being pursued, unexplainable earthly vibrations, and specterous sightings. ∞

Bridge To Hell

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