Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Mr. Olympia 2012

What can be said about this year's Mr. Olympia competition? Personally, given the choices, I thought Kai Greene should have taken the title. He remained composed, had a better routine, even though I do not care for much of the music used throughout the event. Nevertheless, he is more balanced, defined, and symmetrical, in My estimation, even though I still maintain that the physique de-regeur seems to be the over-development of the abdominals & obliques, which in many ways just makes the overall look to be rather oddly bloated barrel-shaped, instead of the visually preferable streamlining of the midsection. Even Shawn Rhoden has a better balance, I thought.

Contrast & compare. It is almost sad to say that many of these competitors do not quite have the mental aesthetic sensibility to match their physiques {brains & brawn balance} that the likes of Schwarzenegger has. This was when Bodybuilding was more of a physical art, rather than an over-emphasis on "sport", per se. More of a concentration should be on the well-thought-out chiseling discipline, rather than just blast every muscle group with the maximum amount of weight - which may be more pertinent to weight-lifters exclusively, but not necessarily Bodybuilders. Also, given the 'attitude' displayed, the posing gives the impression of "who is the biggest brute in the world?" freak show, instead of the sculpting finesse & style that should be present.

The event was filmed for a new documentary on the genre, which will demonstrate the point further in observation with Pumping Iron.

There was also a female competition as well that night, and I am glad to see that they were not as bulky as has been in the past. Instead, they just looked like a bit more muscular bikini models, instead of men in drag. It is My personal preference that women should be softer, with actual curves to accentuate natural sensuality.

In any case, should he decide to enter, I predict Kai Greene will be Mr. Olympia 2013. ∞

Tags: aesthetics, art, bodybuilding, physical culture

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