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Halloween Satanimation

Since the majority of the year is concerned with pertinent endeavors, among other things that go bump in the night, some more "deadly" serious, the Halloween season allows us to express the Dracling within, with enjoying formative evocations and sharing them with progeny. Though it is a relative constant, 'tis the season to suspend disbelief, & immerse oneself in mystery and Magic. Following are some Satanimation & filmographic recommendations specifically dealing with Halloween:

🎃The Nightmare Before Xmas: Although pretty much all Tim Burton productions can be applicable, this outstanding presentation takes place in Halloweentown, and involves other holidays as well.
🎃Halloween With The "new" Addams Family: Crooks attempt to infiltrate the family during the annual Halloween party, with extended family present. They fail redundantly to the ingenuity of The Addams' evil charms. The series also presents two episodes for Halloween; "Halloween With The Addams Family" & "Halloween, Addams Style". Both films are based during the Unholydays as well.
🎃The Munsters' Revenge: The Munsters celebrate Halloween amongst a cavalcade of relatives and robotic monster androids; Munster Go Home may also apply. The series never had a specific Halloween-themed episode, though they were once voted the "All American Family on Halloween" by a magazine}.
🎃Mad Monster Party: Dr. Frankenstein {Boris Karloff} gathers all the monsters for Halloween festivities and to see who will inherit the title of Leader. Also features Phyllis Diller.
🎃The Halloween Tree: Four Trick or Treaters are taken on a journey to see the meaning & history of Halloween traditions by Moundshroud {Samhain} while searching for their friend. Written & Narrated by Ray Bradbury, Moundshroud played by Leonard Nimoy.
🎃Elvira, Mistress of The Dark / Elvira's Haunted Hills: The amusing adventures of "The Queen of Halloween". She's also made numerous appearances on television series such as CHiPs & The Fall Guy.
🎃Monster Squad: Through the uses of Necromancy & inter dimensional sorcery, Count Dracula gathers Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Creature, & The Wolfman in a plot to conquer the world. A grade school horror club known as "The Monster Squad" seek to stop him, with the help of Frankenstein's gentle nature.
🎃Witch's Night Out: A witch teaches townspeople the true meaning of Halloween - fun & fear.
🎃Disney's Halloween Treat / Disney's Haunted Halloween / Once Upon A Halloween: Featuring iconic artistry and spooky music, atmosphere in the vein of The Haunted Mansion. The latter title features the Villains from various tales.
🎃Once Upon A Midnight Scary: Halloween special featuring Vincent Price hosting, acting in, and reading scary stories.
🎃The Halloween That Almost Wasn't: Count Dracula saves Halloween with the cooperation of The Wicked Witch & the help of other monsters.
🎃When Good Ghouls Go Bad: The specter of an incinerated boy returns for revenge upon a boorish town who tried to ban Halloween.
🎃 Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Halloween Is Grinch Night, Trick 'r' Treat, Satan's Little Helper.
🎃 Additionally, check your favorite timeless shows for all of their Halloween episodes!

🎃Related: Horrorween. For serious chills & thrills entertainment. [R]

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