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Every Helloween-time I acquire one or two demonic masks to add to The Infernal Names collection, and on this Full Moon's night, this one so far is a great addition, and with holographic eyes as well! Leering solitarily from the shelf there dwelled this fiendish fellow, who is perfectly at home herein. I believe I have found Thamuz {"Sumerian God who was later relegated to devildom."; TSB}, a representation of this hellishly relegated Daemon God has been represented by the bull & ram, and being that this mask displays ram's horns, it seems appropriate. He also bears prominent fangs, and being that the ancient Vampire Gods have been traced to Sumeria, so much the better.

Also acquired a couple of realistic decorative skulls, because a Lair can't have too many skulls, real or fabricated.

Little Debbie's Bat BrowniesLittle Debbie's Pumpkin Delights

And what devilicious confections to partake of while enjoying these new possessions? These will do for now: Little Debbie's Bat Brownies & Pumpkin {cookie} Delights. A new offering this Helloween, rich chocolate-covered cakes, and they are quite pleasing. Reminds Me of one Jack Skellington's bat bowtie. Indulge along with Belialian brew or 'Hallownog' is recommended {see below}. This along with a couple more Halloween Tombstone Pizzas, and the Samhain celebrations continue. ∞

Halloween Eggnog?

"...It's as real as my skull, & it does exist!" Also known variously as "Goblin Nog", featuring witches, ghosts, jack o' lanterns & black cats, it comes from various dairies including Meadow Gold, Oak Farms, Creamland, Roberts, & Hiland, although these tend to concentrate in the Midwest and New Mexico areas thusfar; and I expect they shall make themselves further West soon. If you can find it, Satan Claws has blessed you.

I very much enjoy this veritable nectar Myself, keeping a constant flow during yuletide, & is excellent with a touch of absinthe; so presenting it Halloween-themed / flavored is 'phantasmerriffic'. "Pumpkin spice" variety is widely available after Hallow's, though not with the amusing graphics. Eggnog - not just for xmas anymore. "This year, it's ours!"

Tags: autumn, black earth, dining, dractober, falloween, feast of the beast, food, halloween, snackrifice

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