Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Knight of The Phoenix


XVII A.S.: Knight Rider premieres on NBC; the series about a Police Officer named 'Michael Long' hired by a private organization known as F.L.A.G. {The Foundation for Law And Government} to fight crime after being disfigured during an investigation in Las Vegas. Returning to Los Angeles, he begins his quest after recovery and adopting the new face & identity of Michael Knight. His partner, a super-car named K.I.T.T. {the Knight Industries Two Thousand} whose technological capabilities allow an equalizing factor, in many cases, a superior factor, in attaining justice against those formerly considered "above the law". This artificial intelligence vehicle assumes a personality all its own, seemingly evolving as experience and data is gained {greatly resembling that of FLAG founder Wilton Knight}.

Together with Devon Miles {successor, spokesperson, organizational curator, philanthropist & fine gentleman} & Bonnie Barstow / April Curtis {KITT's lovely & ingenious technician}, they implement principles of Lex Talionis by providing a balance factor when needed.

Likened characterizations of The Dark Knight Batman and James Bond, Knight Rider is a timelessly inspirational series, it will be observed that all of these futuristic capacities have since come to pass, and continue to do so in a continual evolution of industrial materializations, in law enforcement, the military, and private sectors. ∞

Tags: kitt, knight rider, science, spechtreum, technology, video

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