Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Sinful Samhain

The Candy Apple ritual hath commenced. It surely is Falloween season in full swing here at The Haunted Noctuary, being that it is surely interesting to see a semblance of one's lair so cartoonishly replicated beyond these doors, is most amusing.
Caramel Apple topped with chocolate & peanuts
Candy corn is also everywhere, and if there ever was any doubt, what did arrive in the post today, but the Party City Halloween catalog, a veritable fetish shopping catalogue to be sure. Get an eyeful at the link. It is well to take advantage of these more widely available costumes now, for private 'tricks & treats' beyond the helliday; although it is pleasing to consider that these outfits are more readily available throughout the year, more ever than before, that is. It behooves to take advantage of the convenience.

This year's edition sees some new additions. A "morph suit", which is a complete body suit available in several colors and designs, although if I had to choose from this variety, I would side with the black. They seem quite flexible but are skin tight. The usual delightful assortment of ghouls, zombies, wraiths, vampires, devils, warriors, wizards, pirates, ninjas, gangsters, movie characters, nuns, priests, & action heroes are available, along with the more comedic, like "bacon & eggs", "Annoying Orange", and a "whoopie cushion", among others. Also notable are Jack & Sally {The Nightmare Before Xmas}, Batman, Darth Vader, Zorro, "Dark Sorcerer", "Phantom of Darkness", "Unknown Phantom" {with glowing red eyes}, & "Black Dragon Ninja". I wonder how many burgeoning little warlocks and witches acquired their first ritual robe from Halloween shoppes?

This brings to mind that societal paranoia of Halloween candy being tainted with poison or inserted with razors. Though this became an urban myth, there were a couple of isolated cases which were found to be actually committed by relatives. Of course, for attention, perhaps there were copycats attempting to jump on the bandwagon for attention, and to just do something rotten. Still, I can't help but think that these tales were at least in part propagated by fundamentalist christians trying to ruin the fun by sabotage. [see here] Based on these assumptions, would it not be high time to start manufacturing edible razor blade candy and more devil-shaped treats?

A definite sign of sweet Samhain spreading His cloak again wide across the land in preparation for His birthday. ∞

Tags: blindlight, candy, christinsanity, dractober, food, halloween, holidays

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