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John Muir Comemmorative Coin

Very pleased to find this John Muir commemorative coin recently, in tribute to a veritable "forest wizard", Naturalist & Writer John Muir, who profoundly appreciated & preserved the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park, and whose influence thereof remains to this day. He has since inspired the preservation of natural environments worldwide, utilizing his intellect, wit and charm, that these may remain wild, containing all the Magic of Nature in its purest form. He even met with various politicians and government officials, including Theodore Roosavelt {who also shared a passion for the great outdoors}, to ensure their appreciation & support. Yosemite essentially became his "garden", allowing others to enjoy it in kind.
John Muir & Theodore Roosavelt
I hiked all through Yosemite - a three-hour hike once at camp, and recall the many enchanting environments therein this vast wilderness, and recall "Half Dome" in particular, along with the incredible waterfalls, the sheer combinations of formations was remarkable, from valleys to fields, to mountainous regions, lakes and rivers, the variations of wildlife, flora and fauna, all creating a truly remarkable place to absorb the earthen energies present.

If one is fortunate enough, you might meet Lee Stetson, who incarnates Muir to perfection, as a tour guide, who also happens to perform at the park theater. A consummate actor in all respects, it seems as if he was born to play the role. He received his epiphany on a full moon's night while overlooking the lush valleys aglow. The pattern of speech, appearance obviously, gesticulations, even period clothing and the sheer knowledge of the man. This brings to mind that there should be more historic personages represented thusly, for educational as well as entertainment purposes.

Of particular historical note, Yosemite has hosted the infamous Firefall* 'ritual' events, wherein a stream of burning embers were poured down Glacier Point nightly at 9, creating a wondrous spectacle of luminescence, which concluded in Year II. [See here for archival videographic footage]

However, there is actually a natural waterfall known as "Horse Tail Fall" flowing from the east side of the 'El Capitan' rock formation, which in February filters the setting sun to replicate the appearance of a 'fire fall'.

I shall keep this coin as somewhat of a "good luck charm", as it were, a veritable 'talisman', and a reminder of the importance of preserving such locations in pristine condition. ∞

* Also known variously as "Satan's Fall"...

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