Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Snackrifice II

Since the last post about these brief, encapsulated confections, I decided to try the 'limon' variation this time, and though it is certainly a limoney salty treat, a soft and crunchy combination, it does not compare to the spicy ones {"picosones"}, in My estimation.

Although these might actually be appropriate to hand out for trick or treat, to those so inclined. Sugary and salty treats for those who impress one with costumed amusement, with condiments going to those who may be obnoxious or not even bothering to dress up for the occasion, yet expect rewards anyway. At least make an effort! ∞

The Black Box

Then for dinner, we had no less than the "Ringburner" from Lucifer's Pizza, the preferred Blackthorne pizza place, which contains Pepperoni, jalapenos, black pepper, bell pepper & hot chili sauce, with the Greek Salad - sublime, acquired from the first location.

Seems that since our last indulgence there, they have improved an already stimulating culinary experience by adding a black box, which is most hexcellent. Gives the impression of the black flames of Hell rising to cook the pie. ∞

* Full review of this establishment here.

Tags: candy, dining, food, halloween, hell's bar & grill, hell's kitchen, snackrifice

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