Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

St. Valentine's Day

The inevitable question arises, that if I celebrate Valentine's Day - as a Satanist, I would have to say "Yes, and No". For LB and I, it is pretty much a mixture of "Valentine's Day" and Halloween all the time. Valentine's Day in the secular sense, like xmas, without the religious connotation. And the fact that it is a Christian-based holyday is also antithetical to My own religion. For I believe it to be far more meaningful to bestow someone a gift spontaneously at any time, "just because", not pander to the mass commercialism pushed on such herd holydays. Although when I see the proliferation of items with the love theme pervading, one may come across something interesting, as I did. A "Valentine Devil" there reposing at the cash register while acquiring provisions, so I decided to possess it and present it to her, but this could have been at any time of the year because of the actuality of the emotion. And to ponder this holiday, it is actually kind of sad that the populace has to be as if reminded to pay attention to one's mate. We Satanists do not need to be reminded, or set up some special time for the recognition and appreciation of Our Loved ones - it is conferred voluntarily, selectively, and individually. For as one's enemies are to be worthy and earned,so must one's loved ones. ∞

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Tags: love, lust

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