Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Fountain of Youth

"The Fountain of Youth". Penis Fountain in Amsterdam. Features rotating testicles which are removed at night to avoid theft.

"Blessed are the death-defiant, for their days shall be long in the land." - The Satanic Bible.

Contingent on the brain being the ultimate 'Fountain of Youth', as expounded upon in the chapter The Eternal Dreamchild & The Fountain of Youth {Dracomeroth}, it is also postulated that The Penis comprises elements of this proposed invigoration, specifically, the demon seed. Consider all the methods implemented to draw it forth, & of course, being that the effluvium is the progenitor of new life.

For females, the cardiovascular / muscular benefits of stimulating the appendage, which provides the 'sexercise', which promotes strong life. The partaking of Satantric 'Communion' which is high in protein, and only containing 9 calories per withdrawal, a desirable "diet" as well. Females have reported that the application upon the skin causes a tightening effect, like a "mask", as it is absorbed. As a side note, there is actually a minute amount of blood in semen. As close to the practices of a sinematic 'vampire' she will become.

For males, the initiation of auto-erotic practices & sexual intercourse is also beneficial to the cardiovascular system & muscular toning via dynamic tension, while continually growing and recreating more seed to be shared.

This combined with The Apotheosis rite {Dracomeroth}, the complimentary stimulation of the mind & body is the fabled "fountain of youth" made real, multiplying life-force, promoting health, & asserting overall well-being. ∞

What other theorems and technologies are being developed to assure longevity as well as potential physical immortality?*

Stem-Cell Research. Effectively growing one's own new cells and injecting them into areas of depletion, as well as strengthening formerly weaker areas to create complete rejuvenation as well as new strengths. These are sciences where "aging" is considered a disease, and is being treated as such, resulting in the eventual termination of that condition. This technology seems to Me to be the best recourse of the two.

Stem Cell technology allows for the possibility of the growth or regrowth of limbs, organs, and even the development of previously unavailable senses; blindness, ocular impairment, deafness, etc.

Of course, there is also the possibility of bionic integration via cyborg technology, for those inclined, which may be able to aid the former in some respects, such as with 'mech suits', and so forth.

Brain transplants. Ye Olde Frankensteinian proposition of the removal of the cerebrum and placing it into a new body, either with continual stem-cell rejuvenation, or perhaps discarding a spent body for a new one. Of course, the brain would also need to be injected with stem cells. Where would these bodies be acquired? These would be grown in laboratories.

Although propagating the one you have already is preferable; i.e., not allowing it to weaken, but maintaining via weight-training, cardiovascular exercise, keeping the metabolism high, etc. In short, "not losing it", or "letting oneself go." Make the best of what you have, and making it even better!

Potentiam Vitae Aeturnus! ∞

* Also see Temple of The Vampire.

Tags: bodybuilding, erotica, health, physical culture, satantra, science, sexuality, technology

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