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Nightstalker [film review]

XXXVI A.S. Written & Directed by Chris Fisher. Starring Bret Roberts {The Nightstalker}, Joseph McKelheer {Demon}, Roselyn Sanchez {Gabriella Martinez}, Danny Trejo {Officer Frank Luis}, Roxanne Day {Cherry}, Christine Long {Maria}, Ana Mercedes {Mrs. Riviera}. Genre: Horror, Crime.

Entirely inspired by The Nightstalker case with much artistic license implemented. Ramirez is portrayed here as a real simpleton, completely drug-addled, barely able to speak, except yelling "Say you love Satan!"* to his victims. The actor does not look at all like Ramirez, but actually more like Trent Reznor, if anyone.

Taking place in the midst of the Satanic Panic hysteria during the bloody remmus of '85, music from Deicide permeates the film instead of his favorite band AC/DC. A 'demon' appears to him frequently, in the form of a pale, bald man resembling a muscular Nosferatu, alluding that he is 'possessed'. The modus operandi is that he kills for 'Satan'**... and drugs.

The character herein becomes 'involved' with a lovely female police officer turned homicide investigator on the case, who at one point leaks the suspect sketch to an unscrupulous reporter, who not only publishes the sketch, but her address in the paper! Of course, the Nightstalker goes searching for her residence, lurking about, leaving a bloody pentagram on the door of her mother's room as a 'warning', She later tracks him down to a darkened street where he was in congress with a favorite prostitute. Seems the character is quite a foot fetishist. Her partner is a grizzled cop named Frank Luis played by Danny Trejo, who is dispatched by the serial killer, while the resident Lieutenant nurses spiked coffee from his mug during duty.

During the final scenes in the film, one finds oneself remarking, "That's not at all what happened!". No mention of the Avia shoes, or his trip to San Francisco, or the beating from East LA residents.

In the end, the real story is much better than that cobbled together by this movie. The Nightstalker is portrayed here more like a character in a bad slasher film with 'occult' overtones, than any resemblance to actual events.

In short, if you are looking for factual information on the Richard Ramirez case, or even a semi-factual fictional rendition, it will not be found here. Instead, this film comes off as being another characterization altogether, with general similarities. ∞

* A phrase also shared by Ricky Kasso.
** or should that be 'Satin', in this case?

[For the record, perhaps it bears repeating, Satanists do not endorse such activities. In fact, it is condemned. Again, for those interested in what Satanists actually do, read The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey, & see Pentagonal Revisionism.]

Tags: crime, devil worship, film, horror, movie, review, satanic panic

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