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The Devil & Daniel Mouse

The Devil & Daniel Mouse
XII A.S. Nelvana. Directed by Clive A. Smith. Starring Chris Wiggins {B.L. Zebub / The Devil}, Jim Henshaw {Daniel Mouse), Annabel Kershaw {Jan Mouse), Martin Lavut {Weez Weezel}, Laurel Runn {Jan Mouse singing voice), John Sebastian {Daniel Mouse / Rock Show Emcee singing voice).

The typical Faustian scenario of making a deal with The Devil, then renigging on that agreement, trying to cheat one who was gracious enough to help the applicant in their heartfelt wish. There;s always some kind of 'battle for the soul' at the end, where the dealee somehow worm their way out of the contract. All the while The Devil is a perfect gentleman, & of course would become annoyed when a business transaction is unfulfilled. An amusing Judeo-Christian mythological frivolity to be sure.

Released for the Halloween season, the tale of this animation is based on the short story The Devil & Daniel Webster by Stephen Vincent Benet, that film with the same premise, except the benefactor of the first part is a farmer fed up with the stresses of his occupation. Other more well-known storylines with this scenario include 'The Pick of Destiny', & the song 'The Devil Went Down To Georgia'.

The animation herein The Devil & Daniel Mouse is reminiscent of Rankin/Bass productions, and works very well for a children's fable. The Devil is portrayed as a beastly, richly ample Lord of The Underworld, complete with pentagram necklace, while his primary henchman is a rather fox-like weasel.

The Devil comes to the aid of Jan Mouse, distraught over being fired from the nightclub which payed the bills for she and her counterpart Daniel Mouse, granting her dreams of being a singing rock superstar, for of course, the price of her "soul", which she signs for in blood, of course. Daniel Mouse is nowhere to be seen until the latter half of the film, for a confrontation in a hellish court. One good turn deserves another, so the veritable deception on the mice's part is met in kind.

If any "morale" should be extracted from it, it is to honor your promises and don't lie, in this case, to a business partner, especially a successful one for great mutual benefit, which is ironically the misplaced trait attributed to The Prince of Darkness, who materialized all your desires. Have character and honor your agreements. ∞

Tags: animation, cartoons, dracling, infernal progeny, review, satanimation

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