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Found recently during excavation, brief content reviews of several short stories written in 8th Grade English. The first are summaries of the story "Flowers For Algernon" by Daniel Keyes, which is about a simpleton used as an experiment to elevate his intelligence quotient to genius levels*. 2 & 3 are uncertain, but are rather poignant considering the demographic and 'philosophical' content, albeit a bit idealistically optimistic. Additional commentary included. Questionnaire unavailable.

Content Review

1. (a) Charlie Gordon. I think he best fits with the story because the story can be very true. And I do believe that somewhere on this earth, there are people like Charlie Gordon. And I know for sure there are people like the ones at the bakery. People that take advantage of other people, make them look like fools, pull pranks on them, etc.

(b) Charlie Gordon for sure. Because he was defeated by the problem of keeping his 200+ I.Q. But he got defeated by his problem. But the thing about it though, is that he couldn't help his problem. no matter what he would do.

2. That animals have to survive no matter what the cost. Just like we humans, we would do almost anything to survive the cold blade of death. And the beetle's determination as well as the eagle's, is very similar to ours. [1]

In the beetle's case, it was determined to live. Whether it go down the drain, or whether it would get out the harder way, all the way to the top of the tub. Most humans would probably want to take the easier way out, but as thinking creatures we first want to find out the consequences of the easier way. If the consequences are too great for us, we are most likely to take the harder way that would usually have less consequences than the easier way. [2]

But as in the eagle's case, humans are not likely to fight over food like a couple of animals. That's because we are "civilized". [3]

3. Ruri and the little black boy both encountered something totally new to them. Ruri never experienced being locked up like a common criminal. And the little black boy never experienced, much less learned, what hatred was, nor embarrassment.

4. In "Breaking And Entering", it was an extreme surprise to the person when she saw the messed up room and house.

In "Private Hurricane", it was a surprise to the person to hear the extremely "bad news". Her surprise turned into fury, anger, and possibly sadness.

In "Fifteen", it was a surprise to the person to see blood on the stranger's hands. And it was also a surprise to see that such a beautiful motorcycle belonged to such a "messed up" man.

[1] See Statement #7.
[2] '3rd Side' thinking?
[3] Wishful thinking!

* Rather like that Three Stooges episode "Hoi Polloi", wherein two professors make a deal to transform three common men into gentlemen.

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