DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Keep your eyes on the pies!

A funny little story written in 8th Grade English:

My friend and I were racing as fast as we could towards the luscious apple pie odor coming from the tall green and brown trees in the dense forest. Our legs were aching with pain as we raced fast. With the hot sun beating on our sweaty backs, it made it harder for us to run.

Then I asked my friend, "Why the heck are we running?" Running even faster, he looked at me, breathless, his terrified eyes looked back, and so did mine. To my surprise and horror, I saw a bear chasing after us with fangs dripping with foam, and eyes like fire. It was running very fast, but clumsily, and was nearly catching up with us.

"Oh, my god!" I yelled as my face turned pale as if it were digesting a rock.

After a few clever maneuvers, we finally managed to dodge that abominable mad bear. We were only a few yards away from the apple pie odor which came from my grandmother's house, when we saw one fat bear eating up the last piece of the pie.

We looked for my grandmother, and finally we saw her in a tree throwing acorns at the bear. But the bear just sleepily walked away. We were relieved to know that granny was alright, and she came down slowly and carefully.

She looked at us and said, "And where were you two when that awful bear was eating up my apple pie?!"

"Uh, well," I started saying when she stopped me.

"Never mind. You two come in the house now." she said. We walked in the house and saw the most beautiful cake in (we thought) the world.

"The bear didn't smell this one." she said.

And as we sank our teeth into that chocolate frosting, being careful not to spill any crumbs, our pet dog leaped upon us. He ate the cake and we almost killed him.

Tags: dracling, fiction, food, infernal progeny, storytime

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