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To the moon!

When I first heard the news about Neil Armstrong, two things came to mind. First, the fact that he actually said "One small step for man, one giant leap for a mankind." Because of the static, it sounded to many people that he said "for mankind", leaving out the "a", which may lead those so inclined to posit that it meant the possibility of other life forms on other planets. Perhaps so, perhaps no, science will tell. Once upon a time, I learned this bit of trivia from none other than 2XL.

Second, I recalled the video of his colleague Buzz Aldren 'landing' a right hook on some obnoxious reporter, which was actually sort of pleasing to watch. I suppose perhaps the reporter got the attention he craved, while Aldren derived the satisfaction of removing that obstacle from his path, after warning him repeatedly. ∞

Tags: astronomy, news, science, video

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