DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

No devil worshippers needed here...

Spanish fresco restoration botched by amateur

I found this story to be both appalling and amusing. Appalling for the resident priest, as the woman claims, who allowed her to "restore" the historical painting, despite the subject, effectively defacing it to resemble an ape with Down's Syndrome. I recognize the artistic value of certain works of art, though I may disagree with its religious implications.

When I learned of this defacement, I was reminded of the scene in the film Mr. Bean wherein he accidentally defaces Whistler's Mother by first sneezing on it, then ignorantly wiping it with a tissue, of course, causing the paint to smear. There really should be a pane of glass or clear plastic over cherished paintings, as 'sneeze-guards', as it were, "just in case", or whatever other possible defacements, such as vandalism. ∞

Original story & video: Spanish fresco restoration botched by amateur. Funny thing is, the woman actually appears to be indignant, not at all apologetic.

Tags: art, bean, christinsanity, comedy, humor, loki's laughter, news, religion

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