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Beelzeburger: Lord of The Fries
AKA, Lava Burger, Volcano Burger {"Erupts in your mouth!"}.

  • Prepare two thin to medium-sized patties of equal circumference, seasoning them as desired.
  • Either re-slice a piece of sliced cheese into four quarters of whatever variety, or place a chunk of block cheese in the center of one patty.
  • Lay the second patty on top, covering the cheese.
  • Fold & compress sides, creating a pocket. Fry or BBQ as one would a Drac Burger, flipping carefully.
  • Add condiments as desired. To give it a spicy flavor, add hot sauce of choice, and/or jalapenos or habanero chilis.
  • Option: To create a Polynesian flare {Volcano Burger*}, add a pineapple slice with or without the tomato, with Tiki torch candle toothpicks to decorate.
  • Warning: If toothpicks are used, take care to not pierce the burger completely through, as this will result in the cheese dripping through.
  • Caution: Allow a few minutes to cool. Hot cheese will ooze from the center of the patty like lava, and actually aids in the cooking process, heating from within.
  • Serve with whatever sides suit the pallet, although french fries are recommended, with which to dip into the cheese.

* In Hawaiian mythology, "Kamapua'a" is the demon-lover of Pele, who fertilizes the land by melting the lava rocks into fertile soil. In this sense, the meat can be seen as the earth, with the melted cheese as the 'lava'.

Tags: dining, food, hell's bar & grill, hell's kitchen

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