Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Lycanthropic Training

The workout "ritual" can be a process of lycanthropic transformation, and otherwise those who choose to make it a career, such as bodybuilding. To imagine the cinematic spectacles of the transformation, the growth of the muscles, the bodily sweat, the strength increased, the sometimes growls and exhalations, with the graceful heave of the weights, the life-affirmation of overall well-being. Then the relaxation to allow the body to build that strength, the sharpening of the senses, the water upon the skin, the resultant pride in the physical sculpt, & the preservation of physical beauty.

  • The Visual: Either images to attain a likened appearance, or video for further motivation. Preferably in an environment containing a mirror which aids in the visualization process. When one can literally see the growth process before one's eyes, in the tone of the muscles. Dark colors and/or a darkened room are preferable in the area.*
  • The Sonic: Heavy Music of a rhythmic nature, with which to coalesce movement.
  • The Olfactory: A preferably scent-minimal environment for minimal distraction.
  • The Gustatory: Some prefer to masticate chewing gum while training. If so, this can serve to stimulate the olfactory as well.
  • The Tangible: A cool temperature no higher than 80°, & no lower than 60°. Set the air conditioner and/or fan accordingly. As another option, training outdoors can also be quite invigorating. The back yard at dusk & after dark provides a stimulating natural environment as well, with fresh air & moonlight. In cooler climes, one's body heat will regulate comfort levels, and otherwise a bit of a chill may also work as a motivating factor.
  • The Accoutrement: Clothing should be flexible and comfortable, while allowing body heat to escape freely. A tank top or "muscle shirt" {sleeveless} is preferable, sweats or shorts/boxers/briefs, tabis, "Kung Ku"/"Karate" shoes, & otherwise 'sneaker'-type shoes, for traction and stability. Fingerless gloves are optional for enhanced gripping. Funny enough, the ancient Greeks preferred training nude, which could be an option in private quarters, if so inclined.

As the visual, I place a motivating presentation such as "Pumping Iron" or Conan on the monitor; as the sonic, many times accompanied with music of a nature to propel the psychology ever further. Personally, I enjoy Danzig, or Manowar, sometimes Type Ɵ Negative, or even Dethklok {for a chuckle}, all of which contain that certain grinding sound, flexing & pumping in tune with the drums. Recreation can be accompanied by music of a soothing nature, like various classical compositions. A wonderful experience every time.

Of course, besides the obvious health benefits, the energy expenditure can be utilized to direct the will for Greater Magic purposes as well. As has been explained before, this compliments all other stages of development in The Infernal Alignment. ∞

* There was actually a study initiated once in which weightlifters were asked to train in a pink room, and in a room with darker coloration. It was found that being surrounded in the color pink lessened initiative, as the participants were less able to lift heavier amounts of weight, and in some cases, their routine amounts. When returned to their usual training grounds, they assumed their 'normal' routines.

How To Become A Werewolf: The Fundamentals of Lycanthropic Metamorphosis; Their Principles And Application by Anton Szandor LaVey: The Devil's Notebook.
The Infernal Alignment; Dracomeroth.
The Satanic Art of Bodybuilding; The Devil's Scroll.

* Related: Some Thoughts On The Satanic Art of Weight Training.

Tags: bodybuilding, danzig, martial arts, physical culture, werewolf

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