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I actually have this trapezoidal-shaped little robot, displaying artificial intelligence according to the 8-tracks inserted into its slot. Multiple-choice buttons are located on the front, listing "Question", "A: Yes Or True", "B: More Info", & "C: No or False". Along with the correct or incorrect noises, it was also accompanied by a series of bleeps and blips, and sounds nascent to the question at hand, granting it a semblance of a personality. It became somewhat of a fun obsession, like a little buddy, playing this sometimes for hours until that particular tape was 'mastered'.

There was quite a wide variety of subject matter available for it - topics from math, history, languages, to music, comic book trivia, geography, and much more, came with booklets to interact with. Of course, it would play any 8-track inserted into it, with its eyes blinking and glowing in kind; then to experiment, I inserted some 8-track music tapes just for this purpose, and actually found AC/DC's Back In Black, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, & Rush's Fly By Night from a little music store I spotted while out with an uncle at a gas station. It was quite a novelty until eventually acquiring My own Pioneer stereo. As another amusing aesthetic option, imagine a dynamic choice of one shaped like a monster and/or demonic creature!

This is a good example of presenting educational sources to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain, one complimenting the other in order to evolve cerebral development in a more balanced form, motivating the learning process with a dramatic flare. Either an 'eccentric' human instructor in both personality & accoutrement, instead of a rambling monotonous teacher, even with a video brought in from time to time.

It is also amusing to consider some of the artificial intelligence technology forming now, both in the hardware and software arenas, from convincing facsimiles of robotic hosts enunciating the program running through it. Imagine a historical figure speaking his own words as a teaching tool, and otherwise entertainment figures utilized such as either an artificial erotic human companion, or a horror or science-fiction creature. Even so, imagine something like a Real Doll enunciating an educational program, besides the sensual programs that will be available for it in the near future.

Fun for every demographic! ∞

Recommended reading on the subject
* Pentagonal Revisionism: A Five-Point Program; The Merits of Artificiality; The Construction of Artificial Human Companions by Anton Szandor LaVey; The Devil's Notebook.
* The Humanoids Are Coming! by Anton Szandor LaVey; The Secret Life of A Satanist by Blanche Barton.

Tags: androids, dracling, dracumentary, educational, erotica, infernal progeny, novelties, past orthodoxy, robotics, science, technology, toys, trivia

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