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Satan's Children

Satan's Children
IX A.S. Florida International Pictures via Something Weird Video. Directed by Joe Wiezycki. Written by Gary Garrett, Ron Levitt, Joe Wiezycki. Starring Stephen White {Bobby Douglas}, Eldon Mecham {Mr. Douglas}, Joyce Molloy {Janis Douglas}, Kathleen Marie Archer {Sherry),Rosemary Orlando {Monica}, Bob Barbour {Jake}, Robert C. Ray II {Simon}, John Edwards {Joshua}. Genre: Horror Thriller.

Little Bobby Douglas is quite literally the "red-headed step-child", and is seemingly treated as such both by his short-tempered father and libidinous step-sister. Aggressively ordered around by Mr. Douglas to do all the chores while Joyce lays around lazily. The two step-siblings quip at each other liberally, when she begins, shall we say, taking liberties with intimate areas under the table. Finally, when she tattles on his secret tobacco collection, he leaves in a fed-up tantrum, walking the streets all night long until he ventures into a bar, where he meets with sexual predators who take advantage of his naivete.

After a night of painful debauchery, he is disposed of in a park, where he finds himself in a cult's compound. Taken in by the resident 'priestess' where he can recuperate, they become enamored of each other, and thus, enjoy one another's company to the fullest. However, her authority is challenged by another cult member named Joshua, who has his doubts about having an outsider on the grounds. While 'praying' to Lucifer {in the form of the Sabbatic Goat of Mendes flanked by two black candles within a darkened chamber} at the tabernacle, Joshua is taken out to be hanged.

Then 'Simon' returns, a diabolical gentleman of fine tastes, the resident demonic 'High Priest' of the cult. Punishment is due upon the lovely Monica, who has to essentially dig her own pit while being pelted with stones, doused with a sweet fluid, then be eaten by fire ants, and whatever else happens along, while being starved & buried alive.

Unaware of what is happening to her, Simon visits Bobby, assuaging his character on whether or not he will be accepted into the cult. Despite his incapacitation, Bobby flees into the surrounding woods clad only in his underwear, while being pursued by cultists, two who meet with an electrical fence, and others by death in quicksand.

Bobby finally makes it home, and takes no guff from the step-father or sister. Mr. Douglas is dismembered with the remains offered to an impressed Simon, while Janice is tied up and taken to be the next "sacrifice", and crucified. Those who abused him are all dealt with accordingly, while he rescues his beloved from her shallow grave, and takes the ill-fated Joshua's place.

Actually not that bad of a movie, considering the condensed budget. Despite the methods of retribution, Satan's Children is a tale about love & vengeance, where Bobby receives revenge for the wrongs done to him, while getting the girl in the end. ∞

{This film is found as a double-feature with the Asylum of Satan DVD from Something Weird Video}.

Tags: film, horror, movie, review, spechtreum, thriller, video

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