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Things that go bump in the night

Following are some quotes and relations from around the web about several haunted spots in the Los Angeles area. My paranormal investigations have taken Me throughout the Whittier area, the Queen Mary, and The Hollywood Roosavelt Hotel.

Whittier - Dead Man's Park - "Old Quaker cemetery whose decendants are long since dead has been converted into a park. The headstones have been removed & one large marker listing the names of the dead is located in the second half of the park. Often the park is covered by a mysterious fog patch that does not extend past the roads to the houses on all sides. The fog also does not cover the road that dissects the two halves of the park. Locals say that the fog is the combined anger of the dead at the removal of the headstones. The park has very few visitors per year. Records of this information was once located in the old Whittier Museum record room. Additional rumors include the bodies being moved to Rose Hills Cemetery, joggers reported the feeling of being watched, dead cats mysteriously found on the cemetery grounds, and the list goes on."

Whittier - Rose Hill Cemetery - "Haunted by children that died in a school bus accident."

Whittier - Turnbull Canyon Road - "A section of the road Pushes your vehicle uphill when put in neutral and sometimes you hear a knocking noise under the vehicle or see human-like shadows in the bushes. Satanic cults have been spotted there as well as ufo sightings. Cause is unknown."

{This was the location wherein I experienced the sensation of a low "black noise" surrounding the area, wherein it could be more felt than seen. The other two fellows I was hiking with verified the same experience.}

Whittier - Whittier High School Auditorium - "A ghost named George who was supposedly hung by accident haunts the Auditorium. He is usually heard downstairs in the Green Room."

Whittier - Women's Club, California Ave - "Brushing against people gently and holding their hands. The spirit is unknown. The spirit seems lonely and slightly sad."

The Nightstalker's House - "According to myth, his house, although abondoned, is still standing, even though many say it was torn down. It resides in Hacienda Heights. According to stories I've heard, if you slowly pass by it at night, you can hear screams, but you must be very quiet! Also, although the house is abandoned, and has been abandoned for years, the porch light never turns off. I've been to his house which is locked up by a huge black rod iron gate. The house resides on a twisty and curvy VERY DARK road close to Turnbull Canyon."

The Black Earth: Oakdale Cemetary in Glendora, California

Upon entering this beautiful cemetary, besides the decibel level of the blare decreasing, one notes the marked change in temperature from the outside world of the living - it is at least 10° cooler therein - a remarkable effect I have noticed with all the cemetaries I have visited, in fact. The realm of the dead does provide for a stark contrast to that experienced on a normal level amongst the herd, as infrequent being amongst them is, that is. With very few exceptions, forget the pre-made "recreation parks" made for the herd to graze & recline - cemetaries offer a kind of peace to the living uncompared to those. It can be an ideal place to study, meditate, compose, draw, paint, or even picnic, as a matter of fact. It definitely does provide for a comparison between one's incarnation & those excarnate below. Plus, those 'living' that are present are donned in black

Swans placidly swim gracefully on a black pond round a stone fountain at the edge of the place, providing quite a welcoming environment for peace & quiet. I was accompanied by a former girlfriend on this overcast afternoon, & we began to peruse the grounds, reading some of the inscriptions on the stones, noticing some pentagrams & compasses, which we realized were Masonic graves, as represented in the 'eastern star', lest some become confused & misleadingly think these are 'satanic' graves.

One of the humorous & ironic stones was one chiseled into the shape of a cross, with the word "Crook" at its base, not to mention another which read "Graves". Besides this, we took our seat underneath a weeping willow & unfolded our rations for the afternoon. Now, before anyone believes this is somehow 'disrespectful', I think that this is actually a nice change from the constant morbidness expressed day in & day out occurring here, which is understandable, but I think the residents may have appreciated a little 'life' for a change. As My companion & I began to converse, we began noticing movement out of the corners of our eyes, particularly someone in a red sweater darting in & out from between trees & gravestones. It appeared to be a young fellow, perhaps in his teens, with short blonde hair, although he did not come near, My companion began receiving impressions, as she tends to do, of the subtle communications the dead express. This was not an actual flesh & blood person, mind you, as I did look about & noticed there was no one around at the time. As it happened, we were seated a few feet from a couple of graves with pictures on them of two individuals who had died in the 70's. She received the impression that they were, of all things, KISS fans, & that they had perished in a van on a night back from a concert. From there on, we both then began receiving these impressions, & she was practically CONVERSING with them, asking this & that, but what was even more incredible, was that we both eventually noticed IMPRESSIONS on the grass where someone might be seated, then the smell of cigarette smoke began to permeate the atmosphere.

Later on, we decided to have more of a look around, & passed by the infant section with its many small graves, & we then began to hear silent whimpering sounds thereabouts.

Since then, I have returned two more times to enjoy the environment & the interesting phenomenon occurring there, which is not isolated to this cemetary, but seems to be a general constant at many if not all others.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California

The Story: Some say the Hollywood elite who stayed at this hotel left a bit of themselves behind. Located on Hollywood Boulevard across the street from the Chinese Theater, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was a focal point for the movie business in the 1920s and 1920s.

The Haunting: Ask for Room 928, where Montgomery Clift stayed during the making of "From Here to Eternity." Rumor has it you can still hear Montgomery Clift play his bugle.

Cabana 246 is where Marilyn Monroe lived on and off. Her personal mirror is in the lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where some say they still see her image gazing back from time to time. [The Black Earth: Haunted Hollywood]

Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California

The Story: One of the most haunted hotels on record, the Queen Mary has a number of psychic "hot spots." This historic ocean liner is now permanently docked, but the ghostly activity continues. The hotel offers haunted history tours, so call ahead to reserve your spot.

The Haunting: The First Class Swimming Pool, for instance, is reportedly haunted by the ghosts of two women who drowned there, one in the 1930s and the other in the 1960s. The changing rooms near the pool are the source of negative feelings detected by numerous psychics.

More Ghosts: Other haunted areas of the ship include the Queen's Salon (with the ghost of a young woman in a white dress), the First Class Suites (a man in a 1930s suit), the Forward Storage Room (children playing) and the Tourist Class Swimming Pool (a drowned woman). Cabin B340 is so full of disturbances, it is no longer rented out.

Lost Sailers: Bosun's Locker is the site where the Queen Mary once sliced through her escort ship while zig zagging to evade the Nazis. Because of wartime sailing orders, the Queen Mary was not permitted to stop for survivors, so over 300 men drowned. Pounding on the walls can still be heard in that area of the ship.

In the Kitchen: The kitchen is another haunted area. During World War II, a cook was murdered by troops aboard the ship who didn't like his cooking. He was stuffed into an oven and burned to death, and his screams can still be heard.

There's Even a Morgue: About 50 people have died on the Queen Mary, and as you would expect, the ship's Morgue is believed to be haunted as well. Among them was 18-year-old John Pedder, a crewman who was crushed by door #13 during a watertight drill and is sometimes spotted wearing the blue coveralls in which he died. Another was William Stark, who drank poison that the ship's captain was keeping in an old gin bottle.

Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica, California

The Story: During the Prohibition Era, this hotel's speakeasy was a hotspot for the living.

The Haunting: Now the hotel is a hotspot for ghostly activity. The ghosts here are heard more than seen, with odd noises, voices and sighs often reported by witnesses.


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