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"Underwear that's fun to wear!"

So I've heard several people remark that there are no "adult"-sized 'underoos'. One of the benefits of these so-called "remakes" & additional chapters in cinematic sagas is the increased availability of preferred merchandise in one's favorite entertainment fare. While not marketed as such, it is entirely simple to acquire this virtually identical configuration for oneself, if so desired. Case in point, by the recent releases of all these 'super hero' movies, under-clothing bearing these likenesses have become widely available, and are actually much better now, although you can't go wrong with silk boxers. There are variations for women, although sexy Halloween costumes & undergarments are also now available for year-'round appreciation. ∞

After all, contrast and compare...

Temple Garments
Mormon Underwear

Tags: batman, clothing, dracling, halloween

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