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Haunted Mulholland Drive...

Being nearby, I indulged in a wonderful trip through Mulholland Drive yesterday, a reputedly haunted road, and with us cruising along its serpentine coarse, it assuredly was. Urban legends range from a headless hitchhiker to a phantom car leading the unwary to their doom, to Mafia activity, & the disposal of corpses. Willow trees give the visual illusion of hanging bodies here and there in their boughs. Amusingly, while driving through, a clearly discernible scream was heard nearby.

Darkened canyon locations tend to have nefarious reputations, & it is pleasing to absorb the rich earthen energy they emit. There is definitely a certain 'atmosphere' here, especially appreciated at dusk. Spotted was a tree bedecked with a memorial to those who perished thereabouts, and stating "SLOW DOWN or Rest In Peace", serving as a veritable memento mori to travelers.

Overlooking Universal City {containing Universal Studios frequented many times at camp, a wonderful collection of total environments therein} to one side of the mountain, to Hollywood on the other, this is the preferred 'scenic route' from the San Fernando Valley to Hollywood, like Turnbull Canyon is from Hacienda Heights to Whittier. Just arriving at the entrance to this dubious section of the city is quite an evocation for Myself, considering all of the recognizable locations from Dracling fane, the sights of familiar shadows in the gloom, the scents of nature overgrown at its best, & the sounds of teeming crickets & coyotes, of magical recollection; Studio City at the foot of the hills, Laurel Canyon at the end of the trail to the west. This combined with the gawking tourists, a dog park {warning of mountain lions in their midst}, and some splendid homes nestled in the hills, many ivy-covered beauties accessed by lantern-lit long driveways, provides a charming contemplation to enjoy.

We found a nice point on a cliff, where one feels like one is on top of the world, to gaze out upon the panorama before us. So as the night gently unfolded its wings across the darkening sky, we slowly made our way through the harrowed canyon in blissful rumination, as the leaves begin to turn towards Autumn. It feels like Halloween again... ∞

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Tags: adventure, black earth, dracling, dracumentary, halloween, nature, paranormal, travel

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