Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,



I propose a new weapon: the 'Saichaku', which would be, as the name suggests, a combination sai and nunchaku, thusly joined by a chain, with the length itself at adjustable lengths, and even able to be inserted inside the handle, joined at the bottom ends, to essentially form a 'double sai'. With long chain extended, one end of the sai may be swung to grip an opponent like a bola, grappling to incapacitate; even in an unlikely occasion that the swing is thwarted, the indigenous capability to snare a blade may be enacted to disarm.

As a nunchaku option, care and practice must be taken to carefully and seemingly effortlessly swing one sai at a closer range, even entangling the opponent's weapon with the chain itself, which can be used to both block and disarm with a twisting motion.

I created another weapon once, the "Lucifer Star", as it were, which is comprised of a saw blade affixed to a chain. The end of the chain interlocked by a bolt inserted through the center perforation of the blade, somewhat similar to what is portrayed in the film 'Master of The Flying Guillotine'. Actually quite effective. ∞

Tags: martial arts, ninja, weapons

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