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Eli's Corner on Etsy

Now on Etsy:

Spider Lady "Eli's Corner" is named after Elvia, the maternal progenitor, who has now agreed to offer her bedspreads for sale. This is the first in a series she will be hand-crafting. If you desire that certain "homey-feeling" in your environment, these knitted goods really evoke that pleasant sensation.

Elvia has been knitting everything from cozies for various objects, everything one can possible imagine, to scarves, mittens, beanies, even dolls, although her specialty is bedspreads and blankets knitted from scratch, in a traditional style reminiscent of cozy home furnishings, sure to enrich any room with a warm, home-feel.

She has made these items for several acquaintances and friends, who have taken them to international locations, some of which were even included in backgrounds on film sets to portray that down-home feeling; and otherwise just enjoyed in private homes for which they are initially intended.

She has amusingly remarked that she has been referred to as a veritable "spider" because of all her spinning, of which she takes much glee, pleased to contribute to the pleasantly elegant surroundings of other homes as well.

Elvia is an accomplished artist, with paintings rendered via a combination of styles & modalities from oil paint to pin stitch, which graces the walls of her elegant home, pleasantly resembling a classical museum.

A Beautician by trade, she also happens to be quite the horticulturist, sustaining and maintaining an enchanting little garden. ∞

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