DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

LaVey Sigil Pentagram by ASP Apparel

ASP Apparel Lightning Bolt Pentagram pin

Anton Szandor LaVey Sigil (Lightning Bolt Pentagram)
- Special Edition Lapel Pin Badge

A most fortuitous Friday the 13th yields the arrival via Royal Mail of the Lightning Bolt Pentagram pin to The Noctuary*, forged by ASP Apparel from Great Britain. An impressive presentation accompanies the package, contained in a black mesh bag entwined with a black rose wire wrap. An intricately detailed design demonstrates the sharp angles perfectly, framed in gold metal plating, & backed with black enamel.

The metallic silver pentagram itself features the reticulated interfusion struck through with the lightning bolt innervation, the causal materialization of "As Above, So Below", the activation & realization of the might of Will. The Black Flame exemplified.

Measuring 1" round x 25mm wide, this potent emblem is ideal for pinning on one's lapel, a tie tack, or even as a shirt pendant; wherever affixed, it is sure to add an elegant accent to your diabolical accoutrement. Be sure to inspect all of the other wickedly wonderful merchandise offered by this proprietor of the infernal elite. ∞

* As a pleasing aside, atypical weather for this month brought forth desired thunderstorms to the area.

Tags: black earth, friday the 13th, jewelry, lavey, possessions

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