Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

By Lucifer's infernal Light!


The 'odd' group were gathered around, gazing up in pleased astonishment at the brilliant multi-colored lights exploding in the dusk-fallen sky. The shapes of spiderwebs, devil heads, spiders, bats, jack o' lanterns, witches on broomsticks, skulls & skeletons, sinister symbols, familiar faces, cats & rats... this was Independence Day in 'Dracsville'! This is held to celebrate the founding of this seat of evilization from timeless immemoriam, & the unique individuality of this elegantly strange throng of creatures commonly attributed to the nether realms of the mind, yet very much real here, a masquerade ball?... enjoying the libations and fine Cuisine presented before them.

Accompanied by the evocative scent of sulfuric gunpowder, blasts of orange and yellow, followed by red, blue, and purple kaleidoscopes of phosphorescent visual spectacles in many amazing variations oooh'd & ahhh'd the devilish denizens gathered behind the Old Haunted House.

Just a bit earlier in the late afternoon, a mirth some parade snaked along the fair streets, featuring notable moments in darkened history, cheered on by onlookers who would follow the procession unto the black-painted Victorian, through cobble-stoned & black wrought-iron gates decorated with menacing dragons to the tune of many a malefic canticle.

As they settled upon ornate chairs, and some even in the overgrown grass and up twisting trees, the murmurs of the group would quiet to the strains of a Wurlitzer Theatre organ, with the announcement of the proceedings. Then the splendid show begins playing tunes from eras in history resurrected with many wicked wonders seemingly coursing up from the bowels of the large smoking pit set at the far west side of the back yard, between two trapezoidal pillars.

This went on for a good 45 minutes or so, until the last strains of a traditional hymn resounded across the now murky air, and the party was just beginning... ∞

Tags: fiction, halloween, independence, infernal empire

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