Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Lucifer's Night

The Vikings came first, saw there wasn't much worth conquering, and went home, as greater adventure & battles awaited elsewhere. The Spaniards came for gold and women, of which there were plenty of both. Some stayed to build townships in what came to be known as "New Spain". The British came fleeing religious oppression, but brought their own superstitions with them, torturing and killing their neighbors for a time.

America as a nation truly is The Great Satan, because like Lucifer, it demands no monarch above the Self. The spirit of rebellion led to independence. Its founding fathers were all members of The Hellfire Club, repudiating political & religious tyranny while indulging natural carnal desires, founding a nation intended to be a democratic republic of meritocracy, where every one's efforts could be measured according to personal accomplishment, while collectively striving for the goal of self-determination & personal success. Many of these ideals became mutated by blindlight ideologies with notions of egalitarianism; however, incremental changes & necessarily hidden forces continue evolving to correctly steer the course towards principles of Strength & Victory.

Moreover, this not only refers to United Satanic America, but every individual who had to seek individuality at whatever cost.

In the essence of rebellion which leads to independence, is this ode to the first symbolic prideful rebel in the form of Lucifer, The archetypal Angel of Infernal Light & Darkness, and all He represents. A r/evolutionary foundation upon which to discover & build upon one's true self. ∞

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Tags: independence, lucifer, malefick musick, music, poem, poetry, politics, satanic serenades, video

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