Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Memento Vivere

Forest Lawn Memorial Park
Covina Hills, CA

In a more somber vain, we had a visit to the cemetery this afternoon, accompanied by an urn of autumn leaves, another wishing to pay their respects.

I maintain that cemeteries are preferential parks {'memorial parks'} to that of common public 'recreation parks' to spend a delightful afternoon with a significant other for a picnic when visiting, also thus asserting the great dichotomy of life and death. Even whatever herd may be spotted are donned in black, and are quiet, well behaved, making for a much more pleasant experience. Ideally, the repaste would be the favored meal of the honored.

As I stood there with the graveyard winds increasing, I recalled the Lovecraftian quote "That is not dead which can eternal lie. Yet with strange aeons even death may die." {The Call of Cthulhu}, & "If I be dead, or seem to be, then death can not come to me." from the Danse Macabre parade witnessed this past Renaissance Faire. Poignant contemplations for the lover of life.

The Old Man & Grandma Christmas

We visited with a sterling gentleman, who was a marine, who received a 21 gun salute. He actually referred to Me as 'The Undertaker', and I believe he would probably refer to the photo as 'The Undertaker At Work'. Standing 6' 7", he was a man like Paul Bunyan; "as big as the land, as tall as the sky, truly one of a kind.", a 'they don't make them like him anymore' type. He enjoyed being referred to as "The Old Man", who could actually prop up a car like a jack, & carry a battery without a care. Somewhat like a MacGyver, though primarily focused with automotive & house ware, he could fix seemingly anything. He was a man of few words whose physical strength & determination were inspiring. Quite a character whose Ford truck matched his personality, and when the camper was attached, he took it all over this great land. His last great trip was to Mount Rushmore; an archival photo shows him in front of it, looking like he could have carved it himself!

The Old Man seemed a combination of John Wayne & Johnny Cash. I actually once burned a copy of "The Essential Johnny Cash" for him as a gift. The song The Highwayman reminds Me of his indelible 'spirit'. Requiescat in pace, Marine.

His lovely wife, a truly charming lady in all respects, who I cherishably refer to "Grandma Christmas", for that was her favorite holiday, and would go all out to present that magic for her family & friends, creating the total environment, with the sights, scents, and sounds of this yule celebration for anyone fortunate enough to have experienced it with her. The quintessential 'cookie witch' type with whom all in her presence would be charmed by her compassionate graces, with her long white hair swirled up into a bun. I had the bittersweet honor of being a pallbearer for her. Requiescat in pace, beautiful lady.

Both stones are perfectly located right next to each other underneath the shade of an evergreen tree. On this occasion, I dug out the overgrown remainder of a root system of grass, freeing the earthen vase to place her flowers, as well as wrenching his compartment open for a flag. Quite a sight, I'm sure. Apparently, recent rains had been quite propitious in the area, and this is the least that could be done. While extracting his we were met by a little slug nicknamed 'Seymour'. We also spotted a nice tiki balloon.

A funeral procession then came slowly slithering up the twisting road. The grieving participants attired in their finest accoutrement, with some of the ladies looking particularly ravishing, I must say, supplementing the earlier observation.

The Columbarium

Departing the grave site, we then made our way to the Romanesque Columbarium, containing marble and stone pathways within, leading to the garden behind the structure, featuring statues, as well as nooks with stone benches upon which to repose and reflect upon the fantastic panoramic view of some lovely homes on the hillsides & the valley below.

Finally, the return to The Noctuary through the shadowy winding hillsides during dusk yielded contemplative recollections and further indulgence. ∞

Tags: black earth, dracumentary, rip, travel

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