Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

A Wicked Wonderland...


Location: Wonderland Art Gallery, Hollywood, CA.
Event: Vampira Exhibit.
Date of Attendance: 6/29/XLVIII A.S.

This particularly wicked weekend has certainly been quite the active one, in the wake of the Solstice, seemingly all sorts of favorable opportunities have surfaced. So when we became aware of this event honoring Vampira, it was a natural gravitation.

We departed the Noctuary at sunset, prepared to see this exhibit honoring the character Maila Nurmi brought to life in Vampira, Gothic Vamp Goddess of the 50's forever emblazoned in the history of sinema, and the darkest temptations of men, and is indelibly the inspiration of other likened characterizations such as Elvira, Mistress of The Dark, even Lily Munster & Morticia in many respects. The sultry, seductive, vampiric witch aesthetic.

Many photographs are appropriately represented within ornate frames {although painted in a bright red}. The studio features nicely wallpapered walls, marbled floors, and a crystal chandelier illuminating the display. In one corner, a pair of vintage televisions glow, which would have ideally presented the show when currently airing. In another corner, her bat-rimmed glasses in a case, and in another corner, a splendid throne chair. In still another corner of the gallery, a coffin-shaped guitar case featuring an image of Vampira suspended inverse like a bat. Among the exhibits, the legendary Plan 9 From Outer Space performance {including a photo of Bela Lugosi getting a taste}, her letter to James Dean, a foray to the beach, attendance at several gala events, even a sketch of herself in her remarkable skull-shaven appearance phase, all done to gothic elegance. Quite the show woman, to be sure!

Overall, it was indeed nice to see an exhibit deservedly honoring this progenitor horror hostess in all of her dark dimensions from her inception in Hellyweird, Los Diablos, & thus, spreading her veritable wings, unto the black earth at large.

So if you happen to be in the area, the exhibit remains until Halloween. ∞

Tags: adventure, aesthetics, art, black earth, dracumentary, film, gothic, horror, movies, past orthodoxy, photography, travel, vampira

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