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The Men Behind The White Hoods [book report]

Recently found this book report written in 8th grade Reading while excavating about. It got an A. I found it relatively amusing:

Book Report: 'The Men Behind The White Hoods' by Tracy Henderson.

My book report is on the Ku Klux Klan. The book is called "The Men Behind The White Hoods" by Tracy Henderson. This book has 250 pages and is non-fiction.

The author starts by talking about the origins of the Ku Klux Klan. It originated in Alabama in 1891. It started out when a few men got together and formed a sort of "club" that excluded all non-whites. These men were reported to be veterans from the North and South Confederate war These particular men were veterans from the C.S.A. (The Confederate States of America). They believed that blacks should stay slaves. So they made up out of their own imagination, that there should be a 100 percent Americanism group. They gave it a special name. They called it the Ku Klux Klan.

More and more people started joining the Klan and it quickly grew and went all over the South. What they started doing was terrorizing black people by burning crosses and yelling threats at them. The Klan even lynched (hanged) people (usually Blacks or Jews). They made this an "example". If any blacks were to disobey the words of the Klan, the price that would be payed would be in blood. They would either be burned alive, hanged, or tied to a tree that would later be burned with them still on it.

Then, after 2 years of terror, the Klan disappeared only to be revived 20 years later by a man named Richard Simmons, a "Klan Dragon" (not the exercise teacher on T.V.) in 1915. From 1915-1930, the Klan was at its peak. Then the membership dropped. But the Klan never disappeared.

The Klan is mainly more powerful (influential) in the South than the Western states, but the Klan does have paces around the West. Just recently, there was a brutal beating of equal rights marchers in Oceanside, California, in 1981, and another report of cross burning.

This book is excellent when it comes to info about the Klan. I liked this book quite a lot and I found it very interesting.

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