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The so-called "heartagram" - An interesting image I have seen here and there, and remains an interesting variation on The Pentagram of Satan, with an emphasis on Love/Lust, and could very well be significant of Evilove. A couple of days ago while at Petsmart acquiring hearty provisions for Simba the Hell-Hound, I saw quite an attractive black-haired girl sporting a shirt of a band called "HIM" {the primary 'evil' villain from The Powerpuff Girls immediately came to mind, and I wonder if this band was partly inspired by it} who deliniates it to be in accordance with the term "Love Metal" - well, when one considers "Him" combined with such iconography, the topical impression derived would be that alluding to The Devil, yet the symbol incorperates the symbol of 'love', two apparent irreconcilables, according to those ignorant of Satanic philosophy, yet upon further analysis, sincere inquirers will discover that Satanism allows for the natural expression of Love and Hate in their perfect and proper balances. So to Me, this symbol would indeed be accurate, with its emphasis on Satanic Love.


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