Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Candy Quest

Yesterday's expedition yielded two locations:

The strains of Goth eminated from the 'Vintage Tattoo Art Parlor' across the street {featuring flames decorating the black edifice}, while out and about conducting business at the post office, the teller asked Me if I liked 'Black Metal' {perhaps prompted by the slicked back hair & pentagram; although I was wearing a blazer at the time} - well, I happen to listen to some of it from time to time when the mood arises, so he mentioned he had 'connections', even that his 'girlfriend' currently ran a web source dedicated to the genre called, for what it's worth.

Somewhat amused, I departed for My next destination to acquire a box of peanut brittle at See's Candies in the so-called 'Glendale Galleria' {an expansive, over-priced, pretentious social center for members of the vapid herd, & site of several films including the segment 'The Bishop of Battle' from 'Nightmares'}. The last time I was ever here was as a Dracling for camp, for whatever reason {maybe the counselors just wanted to do some shopping?}; Billed as only the second largest mall in the country, it somewhat ends up granting the impression of being a rather labyrinthine location, kind of reminding Me of D&D, of all things, & the film 'Mazes & Monsters'}. Upon entering and exiting, it is accessed by a bridge to and from the parking structure.

If My acquisition happens to be in a 'mall' that day, I quickly conclude therein. Malls do give somewhat of a 'church' impression overall, where the herd gather to congregate, thus instructed by their television god & its media ministers to 'OBEY', 'CONSUME'. However, of any possible interest, this particular one contains an Apple Store & a Spencer's Gifts {the latter which actually carries items of interest from time to time}.

I would frequent See's relatively often, as there just so happened to be a store a couple of doors over from My Mother's beauty salon in North Hollywood which has since closed. The evocative scents & sights are unmistakable, in a black & white theme coloration with checkerboard floors. If one wishes, you select which chocolates you wish to purchase, and they personalty arrange them in a nice box for you.

Overall, the "Candy Quest" has concluded successfully, Dracmare has been put to rest for now, yielding great indulgence. ∞

Tags: adventure, black earth, candy, metal

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