Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Devil made me do it at...


As a result of certain associations & negotiations with the adult entertainment industry at the time, I was invited to Hugh Hefner's Halloween shindig. In order to even enter the mansion, one had to board a "party bus", as it were, parking one's vehicle just down the street at a nearby parking structure in Westwood. We met with our associate & looked forward to an entertaining night, indeed.

Upon entering, there were performers there of course, familiar participants in the erotic film genre, the portrayed models, as well as several 'celebrities' one would expect, yet are not of My concern. The grounds were transformed into a series of haunted mazes with remarkable structures, decorations, and characters spooking guests and adding to the fun.

Though the music was not necessarily of My personal preference, one could migrate to other parts of the grounds for different sonic & visual experiences. There are hidden little nooks & pathways throughout, benches, even a little cabin in the thick of foliage, all to serve as ideal spots for clandestine encounters with whomever mutually wills. The usual press was present from several channels and shows, snapping shots at all the elaborate props, media 'personalities', models, & of course, "Hef".

However, everyone was dressed in Halloween splendor, from the ubiquitous vampires, werewolves, clowns, princesses, various sexy Disney characters, and the staple 'bunnies' serving drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Myself, I chose to dress in sort of Black Magic Sorcerer meets Count Dracula attire, where the features on the face are accentuated, enhanced widow's peak, hair slicked back, while still preserving an elegant presentation, all topped with a subtle Baphomet lapel pin & ring; while My lovely consort was regaled as a Sexy Witch.

Then there is the infamous secret grotto wherein couples, and sometimes more, have been known to steal away for some carnal pleasures in the dim lighting flickering off the stone walls surrounding, & shimmering moonlight.

Eventually, Mr. Hefner appeared with his gaggle of bunnies, dressed in his perpetual smoking jacket and pajamas, although topped with devil horns, this time around, which I thought was rather appropriate after all, for a self-made man who built his empire on the contemplation of fleshly delights, enjoying his success to the fullest, residing in such an impressively opulent mansion, quite inspiring to be sure, & obviously completely de-facto Satanic.

Wonderful complimentary libations enjoyed, as provided by our gracious host, accompanied by a feast fit for a Beast, with additional pleasures yet to come. ∞

Tags: adventure, autobiography, black earth, dining, dractober, dracumentary, halloween, indulgence, pleasures of the flesh, sin, sinemaerotica, travel

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