Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Rain Lamp

The Devil's Rain Lamp

I have had the pleasure of watching one of these in activation at Grandmother's house, and noted that it does have a soothing effect upon the onlooker, plus, it adds an elegance to whatever room it happens to be in. This variation features Venus {or Ishtar, Lilith}, an artistic display of the beauty of the flesh, while mineral oil gently cascades along the strands to create a showering effect, via a pump concealed within the ornate base; there are others I have seen displaying everything from a wolf, children on a swing, the veritable three fates, as well as a watermill. It would be actually quite appropriate in My estimation to feature a Sabbatic Baphomet therein, asserting Leviathan & Lucifer, respectively, in particular hellemental countenance. A dark mansion amidst a rainstorm would also be appropriate, with lightning and thunder effects added.

I have noticed, however, that some of these restored lamps have been fitted with lighting that is just too bright, when their proper fixtures should have a rather dim, even amber coloration, for a proper calming presentation. Although other assorted lighting could also be appropriate, such as black, or red, or green {some have been fitted with multiple alternating LED's}, perhaps with various characters from a myriad of genres, or historical figures included.

The preservation as well as recreations of these rain lamps with customized figures would be a worthwhile compliment to The Lair.

Actual photographs of the evocative object d'art.

Tags: aesthetics, curios, dracumentary, evocation, home decor, lair decor, oddities, past orthodoxies, total environment

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