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A Medieval Wonderland


The Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Irwindale, CA | Saturdays & Sundays | 10am - 7pm | April 7 – May 20, 2012 | Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area | Ph: 626.969.4750 | Also held in NY, WI, IL.

Seems that since the previous writing about The Renaissance Pleasure Faire, things have picked up, as the Faire has returned to Irwindale at the Santa Fe Dam, from that stint in Devore {where Ozzfest is held}, with all of the pomp and circumstance that is appropriate, creating a total environment where there are many stages within a stage.

A perfectly-chosen splendid day to experience the events are upon an overcast day with impending rain, one enters through a ghostly shipwrecked edifice, where a world is opened featuring many added attractions* {several theatrical sections throughout the park with many shows to choose from - musical performances (minstrels), plays, prestidigitation, falconry, equestrians, dancers, jugglers, bards, acrobats, jesters (comedians), jousting, fire-spitters, sword-swallowers, & gladiators}. Might I suggest integrating archery, & exotic animal displays into the itinerary; a veritable foode row offers confections in everything from steaks, ribs, sausages, ice cream, fish & chips, to cakes, pies (both dessert & meat, with humorous allusions to the questionable contents, a-la Sweeney Todd), pizza, even mexican & Mediterranean cuisine - all of which is best enjoyed while being entertained by the various live shows mentioned.

In what could be compared to a midway section, there is axe-throwing, a ring the bell game described as battling a giant, dunk the fool, & a sort of spook house. Curios stands {inclusive of the favored Fellowship Foundry, from which many delightful items have been attained}, artisans, leather craft, armory, weaponry, even a fortune teller's tent. Parades {including the visually impressive 'Danse Macabre' - "If I be dead, or seem to be, then death can not come to me."; The Queen's procession}, pageants, and an enhanced cast of denizens roaming about who admirably remain in character, from knights {classical depictions in full armor, Spanish conquistadors, & crusaders} to monsters {some impressive costumes worn, including a walking tree, trolls, even dragons}, pirates to wraith-like creatures, including an alluring demoness, along with a slew of satyrs, sylphs, nymphs, dryads, barbarians, wizards & witches. Not to mention all of the lovely maidens and wenches. Most of whom carry steins with an hearty attitude of indulgent celebration.

Themes actually range from the Medieval to the Renaissance, to the puritanical periods, although you may spot a rogue goth or metal head from time to time, and even 'time-travelers', that is to say, ones who portray a distinct steampunk aesthetic dropping in from various eras in timelessness, and even one Dr. Who!

Take heed, walking through the towne, spontaneous battles may emerge, towne criers announcing events, minstrels, even a possession! Yes, there is actually an exorcism spectacle, thanks to those pilgrims, complete with foaming mouth, which is most amusing.

Overall, great for the Walpurgisnacht season, wherever it may arise {be it the Kingdoms of California, New York, Wisconsin or Illinois; which are held at different times of the year - check website for details}, the Renaissance Pleasure Faire is much like Halloween in Spring, where you can even bring your own costume, where you just may find yourself enjoying some extra perks here and there along the way. ∞

* Shows range from children to adult ratings.

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