Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Car phone?

I had one of these novelty phones once upon a time, which just seemed to appear at The Noctuary one day, probably brought by the 'donor' from one of his perusals. He also frequents library book sales, and sometimes antique shoppes, which actually yielded some items of interest from time to time. I thought this was amusing, considering it did somewhat resemble KITT, and it worked just fine.

Adding another level of amusement, I later learned that there was a scam at one point, wherein gullible patrons were promised a "car phone" as some sort of deal, receiving car-shaped telephones instead of phone installation within a vehicle. Perhaps this was where it originated.

As for novelty phones, I would have to say a skull phone would suffice for the macabre entertainment value [see video]. As an inside aside, there are actually "banana phones" on the market!

I also had a portable, compact combination TV/Radio/Telephone system all in one piece, which was My first 'entertainment system' as a Dracling, acquired upon a relocation. It actually would have been useful for camping. Interestingly, to inaugurate it, & when first plugged in and activated, the film The Omen was being broadcast that night, so I decided to watch it in My new room, which seemed quite apropos.

However, My actual telephone of preference is a land line, black rotary version, heavy, with a subtle trapezoidal shape, and otherwise various classic antique phones to compliment one's Lair. One should always side with superior aesthetics and technology.*

For this reason, modern technological advances and conveniences should be integrated into reproductions of visuals of a higher artistic value. An entertainment system, for instance, appearing contained in wooden cabinets, or a stereo which looks like a phonograph or gramophone, or a television set with knobs & dials, while featuring the very best multimedia hardware. No need to compromise elegant appearances. In most cases indeed, aesthetics reach an ultimate height, only to downgrade in subsequent devolution.

Notably, the antiquarian evolutions of the "Steampunk" movement is making some headway as a subculture, focusing primarily on the fantasy aspects of similar concepts, which would need to traverse into a wider scope of materialization, where the manufacture of such & similar items become realized, & more readily obtainable, with practical applications.

All becomes a constant, sustaining in the IS, where all is now. ∞

* Also see Satanic Sins 7 & 9; The 5th Point of Pentagonal Revisionism.

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Tags: aesthetics, art, curios, diary, dracumentary, kitt, knight rider, lair decor, noctuary, novelties, oddities, past orthodoxies, possessions, technology, time travel, timelessness, total environments

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