Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Hold on to your fenders!


Arriving today at The Haunted Noctuary is one Knight Industries Two-Thousand {"K.I.T.T. for easy reference, 'KITT' if you prefer."} model by Hot Wheels / Mattel. That iconic A.I. super car with the transitioning scanner & voice modulator, able to take great leaps with turbo boost capabilities, as the great equalizer, and friend, of former police officer Michael Knight turned crime-fighter and vigilante {not unlike The Dark Knight Batman}. KITT is programmed with so much interactive personality, which learns as he goes along so as to seem organic, it is sometimes as if progenitor Wilton Knight's persona is integrated into the microchips therein. Quite Satanic overall, & one of My all-time favorite shows.

As it happens, The Mother of All Satans owned a red Pontiac Firebird, with that phoenix emblazoned on the hood. It certainly displayed the command to look, and was absolutely the fascination of many who witnessed it, generating both envy and inspiration, and this Dracling was thrilled. Obviously, making quite a favorable impression & creating an A.C.I.* here.

Being a collector of everything from weapons to action figures to canes, pens, objects d' art, jewelry, multimedia, to occult arcana, it naturally followed when I learned of the release of this limited run line of models that it would be acquired to accompany the Knight Rider DVD series, as well as the die-cast Batmobile.

As stated on the back cover:

Born: 1982.
Birthplace: Foundation for Law And Government.
Designer: Wilton Knight.
Specialty: K.I.T.T. KNIGHT INDUSTRIES TWO THOUSAND, an advanced artificially intelligent vehicle used in a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.

This model measures approximately 3" of solid die-cast metal, with scanner, 'KNIGHT' license plate, & voice modulator / double screen dashboard detailing. A splendid acquisition for the KR collector. ∞

* Aesthetic Crystallization Inertia, or could that also be 'Automotive Crystallization Inertia', in this case?

Tags: automotive, dracumentary, infernal progeny, kitt, knight rider, toys

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