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In The World of Madness

In The World of Madness: A Collaboration of Satanic Essays
XLVII A.S. By Michael Sartin; Genre: Magic, Philosophy.

In The World of Madness by Michael SartinOne Satanist's experiences with ritual work and insightful philosophical observations, this tome is a collection of infernal thoughts on the nature of Satanic Sorcery.

The Satanic Essays section delves into the nature of utilizing angles as a psychological tool in which to traverse the deeper dimensions of the mind; the results of infernal blessings willed and reaped; adhering to that voice within {instinctual perception, and what Plato may have called the "daemon"}; misanthropic analyses of the herd's myopic dispositions, & well-wrought advice for Satanic relationships.

The Empowerment Essays section asserts the productive uses of Silence, Emotion, Anger, Persistence, Doubt, Isolation, & Fear to maximize the dynamics of cause & effect in one's favor. Also includes warnings against certain parasitic elements which may deplete desired manifestations; followed by a chapter on the definition of Satan to The Satanist.

The Laws of The Subconscious segment details the process of maintaining the progressive mentality to allow the materialization of one's desires unto fullest fruition, & essentially 'casting the mold'. Among the recommendations, are the emotional impetus of Desire, focusing on the goal, an authoritative admonition, the affirmation of the goal, the visualization of its reality, experiencing the reality by proxy in full expectation, receptivity, the application of opportunism in relation to the target, & confidently allowing the energies {what Magus LaVey refers to as 'diabolical machinations'} to flow unhampered.

The Satanic Ritual section concludes with a recommendation to personalize rites unto specification, while maintaining the basic structure of ritual as outlined in The Satanic Bible. Includes a list of suggested reading to supplement the practitioner's experience.

In The World of Madness is essentially both a daemon's diary, and a veritable "book of shadows", offering diabolical suggestions from one who has plunged the Great Abyss, with likened reflection, emerging to grant tidings of these experimentations from which others who traverse therein may find of value to compliment one's own. ∞

* Currently Available HERE & HERE.

Tags: book, greater magic, grimoires, literature, magic, occult, philosophy, review, satanism

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